1507844_10152131174731138_588369349_n copyHi, I’m Belinda Mountain – welcome to my blog. I spent ages trying to come up with a suitable name for it and eventually settled on Making Mountains.

Yes I liked the alliteration but I also thought it was apt, seeing that I spend a large part of my day trying to shape the little molehills that are my kids into becoming Mountains.

When not writing about my adventures in parenting, I run a web copywriting agency with my business partner Catherine, called Black Mountain (the surname has come in handy!).

Before this I worked in book publishing for 10 years, for a range of different publishers – from the iconic Penguin Books to the romance experts Mills & Boon.

I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, went to university in Cape Town and then spent eight years living and working in  London. I returned to live in South Africa in 2009 and settled in Joburg with my husband Gareth. We had our World Cup baby Rachel in 2010 and our son Ben joined us in April 2013 – completing our family of four.

I’m an avid reader so besides parenting this blog may cover good books, travel, food and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Thanks for visiting.

Image in header courtesy of Freshshoots Photography.

Mom and babe picture in side bar courtesy of  Robyn Rose Photography.


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