Men at Work + #nomakeupselfie

Just a quick note to apologise for the silence this week – we are busy revamping the blog and working on the back end stuff, so I’ve refrained from posting while the lovely team at Joomper get on with it.

Also just to say that the site may be down for a few days but never fear, we’ll be back with the new improved Making Mountains in no time at all. In the mean time, here is my #nomakeupselfie. What do you think of the campaign? There has been lots of criticism about it. At first I was in agreement, because I thought people were losing the whole point of the campaign, which was to raise money for breast cancer research and raise awareness too.

Some people were just posting pics of themselves in a sort of vanity project and completely forgetting about the donations. But I’ve changed my mind. As a friend said on Facebook, the campaign shows us that breast cancer (and other types of cancer) affect EVERYONE, from all walks of life, and this is a way of us making a stand together and showing solidarity, with each other, with survivors and with those who have lost the battle.

Who cares if people are taking selfies? As long as they are donating along with it, who are we to criticise a cause that is raising money for a disease that affects so many of us? Also, just to say that I obviously used a filter on the below picture so I “cheated”. But anyway, I donated and passed the message on, and that’s what counts more than anything else.

See you on the other side.


P.S. To donate, visit or SMS “pink drive” to 40158.

photo 1 copy 5



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