Our Comfort Zones: We Need to Get Out

What a great weekend. When you have friends visiting from out of town, you tend to make more of an effort to do fun things and it made me realise how lazy I’ve become. I use the kids as an excuse which is silly. It may be harder to do things with two in tow, but that doesn’t make it impossible (and you don’t ALWAYS have to take them wherever you go either;).

One of my favourite things we did this weekend was visit Le Sel restaurant at The Cradle on Saturday. Sure, it takes a bit longer than popping down to your local but simply by adding on 25 minutes to your journey, you can get out of Joburg, into the bush and surround yourself with some breathtaking views.

photo 3 copy 2

We ordered a delicious bottle of red wine, and were then served the most incredible bread and butter. You know when bread has just been baked that morning and it’s the perfect texture and still warm and then you slather it in dripping hot butter? Yip, it was that mouthwatering. I always say you can tell the quality of a restaurant by its bread and butter and Le Sel was really amazing. We then all ordered the local trout which is grilled whole and served on a bed of creamy mash and scattered with almonds. Again, yum.

Being three girls we then decided to share the creme brulee and a chocolate mousse – the perfect end to a perfect meal. The architecture of the building is stunning, there were yellow and orange butterflies flitting about and the air smelt different and it was just so great to be out of the city. If you have friends visiting from out of town or if you simply feel like a treat I recommend it. It isn’t the most suitable place for young children, so I’d suggest finding a babysitter for a few hours.

And then on Sunday we got up early (as usual) and all met in Westcliff to go for a walk. Remember in this post where I said I needed to get out more? Well, this is just the beginning because today’s early morning walk was just what I needed. Westcliff is like being in a forest, it’s so quiet and shaded, and obviously you can ogle all the incredible houses and daydream about living in one, one day.

There were joggers and dog walkers and people pushing prams and everyone was friendly and it was a perfect morning weather-wise. It’s also amazing what a bit of height can do, and a view – it can give you a little perspective on your life and make you feel free. This is the view from the top, at Hope School, you can see nearly all of Joburg and “the biggest manmade forest in the world” looks pretty special from up here.

photo 1 copy 2

So those were just two of the fun things I did this weekend, but I need to do more of them. Why go to the same cafe every weekend for breakfast? Or run the same route on your daily jog? When there is all the world to see and discover? Have good weeks all.


photo 2 copy 4


2 thoughts on “Our Comfort Zones: We Need to Get Out

  1. Used to go for a walks in Westcliff all the time when I was in high school and also dreamed of living in those houses! The Cradle is the best – we mountain bike a lot so make it out to the bush basically every weekend and it really is the best feeling 🙂 We are spoilt having such incredible destinations so close to the city!

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