Change. It’s in the Air.

photoI have a new shiny phone. Finally. I’ve been using my terrible Blackberry for so long that I started to think that’s how all technology had to be. Ben had bitten through the plastic, it kept dropping calls and it took the most AWFUL pictures. But now I’ve got an iPhone and I know it’s going to change how I blog, tweet, write and generally communicate with people and the world. I’m so excited.

Look at this photo for instance. How wonderful is Instagram? I mean, I know I’m late to the party but what a tool for creating art out of ordinary moments and helping us celebrate them. If you’re on it, you can find me as BelindaMountain (original I know). I’m still getting the hang of it but I can tell I’m going to be hooked.

And my new blog is so close to being ready that I can taste it. It’s simple and uses lots of white space and I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do. Really holding thumbs that I’m going to be able to reveal all by the end of next week.

After my latest little episode of not being well I’ve decided to get some more help at home. I wasn’t structuring my life properly (and taking help where it was offered), which basically meant I was working, either on my laptop, or as a mother, 17 hours of the day (the other 7 hours I was sleeping). That’s too much.

And I’ve also booked to see a homeopath a friend has recommended next week. Hopefully she’ll help me take a good hard look at my life and give me some supplements to build up my immune system and stop me getting ill so often. I mean, I used to have the constitution of an ox but as I’ve got older and life has got a little more stressful, I’ve found myself always being the one catching the latest bug or cold or allergy. And I want to cherish this body of mine and build it up because it is the only one I’ve got and I simply can’t afford to be holed up in bed every few weeks.

Hopefully there is some change coming in our country too. Because we can’t go on like this. But we can’t complain either, unless we vote on the 7th of May. Have you registered? I hope so. I came back to live here five years ago because I believed in South Africa and all the wonderful people we have here. I didn’t want to live elsewhere, where I was a stranger, where I didn’t belong, where it wasn’t MY PLACE. This is where I belong and where my family belongs but we have to make some changes, for all of our sakes.

The weather is changing too. After two weeks of rain the beautiful Autumn highveld days have appeared again. The mornings are fresh, the sky is a bright unblemished blue and the leaves are yellowing and falling all over my car.

And I’ve got a wonderful long weekend planned. One of my best friends is coming up from Cape Town and we’re going to spend time together and do girly things and go for long lunches and drink tea. She’s Ben’s godmother so I’m sure there will also be lots of lovely family time too. I can’t wait.

Hope you all have wonderful long weekends and enjoy celebrating tomorrow, which is Human Rights Day.




8 thoughts on “Change. It’s in the Air.

  1. I’ll look for you on IG . Oh the joys of iPhone! Once I got it I wondered why I stick with my bb for so long and now I find I use it for everything can’t remember the last time I opened a laptop. BUT the data charges YIKES!!!! After being spoilt by a bb it does take some getting used (or not)

  2. I don’t have an iphone or a BB! 😦 Laptop will have to do, but I don’t need to learn any more new things – only just mastered twitter after a year – lol. Hope all the illnesses will soon be a thing of the past – I’m getting so used to feeling ugh in my ancient years! I AM!

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