Nose Wrinkling: It’s Genetic

At the moment I’m furiously working away with some wonderful developers on my new blog theme and we’re going to be launching it in the next week or two. In the mean time I don’t want to neglect my current blog, but it’s hard not to when the new shiny one is so pretty;)

Anyway, on to the very important topic of nose wrinkling and how it is genetic. I don’t mean in the sense of actual wrinkles (which are probably genetic too), but I mean in the sense that sometimes when people smile, different parts of their face wrinkle up in alarming ways. For me it is my nose. See evidence of 3-year-old me here:


Okay, it’s not quite as crinkled up as I thought it was. But still, it’s there. And don’t you like my haircut? My slightly sunburnt face? My yellow smock? I remember this photo shoot which is odd because I don’t remember much else from this early time in my life. I remember my Mom taking me to this photographer with his studio up a narrow flight of stairs, and he had a white wicker chair and my mother made me wear uncomfortable white Mary-Janes on my feet and I was tired and whiny.

And here is a picture of Ben doing a very similar nose wrinkling thing.


He does it all the time, when he laughs or smiles or tries to communicate in any way. He’s currently looking a bit worse for wear because he keeps bumping his head on things while he learns to stand up and then mosquitoes bite him and another baby scratched him. Ha – war wounds already.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say. And that every day now when I find myself crinkling up my nose I feel a little glad that something so completely trivial has been passed down to one of my children.  There is a strange pride in that. We look for shared traits often in our children because although we may have given birth to them, we still want some kind of affirmation that we made them. I’m not sure why.

What traits do you share with your parents or with your kids? Let me know…


4 thoughts on “Nose Wrinkling: It’s Genetic

  1. Ha! Too funny. My daughter looks so much like her father I’ve been called a photocopying machine and a scanner. But she is very ticklish just like me and squeezes up in the same way I squeeze up when she is tickled. And when she wakes up she stretches just like I do. Unfortunately she also seems to have inherited by blocked nose syndrome

  2. Ginger hair, freckles and bad eye sight inherited from my Dad and luckily none of my kids had any of them, 🙂

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