10 Things I Learnt While my Dad was Here


  1. According to my Dad the farmer, goats are MUCH smarter than sheep. I’m not sure what you’re going to do with this pearl of wisdom, but you heard it from me first and now you know.
  2. Ginger beer is crazily refreshing. I’ve never been a fizzy drink gal but there’s something about the burn at the back of your throat that makes ginger beer delicious. Plus it tastes even better with gin.
  3. Crocs and socks can be worn pretty much all year round. And on any occasion.
  4. That during World War 2, when many South African boys were fighting up in North Africa, there was a baboon called Gert who used to be able to identify the German planes from the Allied ones. They used to leave him on watch while they slept and he’d wake them up if trouble was coming. Gert even went into battle with them and got carried out on a stretcher, injured. I know this because a lovely 94-year-old man called Dennis (who fought in the war) told my Dad this story in January, when my Dad went to his house to fix his chairs. Sadly, Dennis passed away two weeks ago and now all his stories have gone with him.
  5. Grass cuttings are really good for compost heaps. Not sure why we have been chucking ours away the whole time.
  6. The Soul of the White Ant by Eugene Marais is a brilliant book (says Dad). Putting it on my “to read” list – apparently it shows us how much cleverer ants are than humans.
  7. That things in Joburg are really quite expensive. I mean, I know this, but it really reiterates it when you have someone pointing out how much they pay for x or y in the Eastern Cape.
  8. The statue of my grandfather that I have in my house was made out of clay from the Fish River on our farm.
  9. That potato skins often have a lot of insecticides on them because farmers have to spray for eelworm. It’s made me less prone to gnawing on that crispy baked potato skin.
  10. That I can’t do everything. Like, I physically can’t. I’m sick again and I’m tired of being sick. I’m making some changes this time and I’m excited about them. Watch this space.

Thanks Dad and Netty for your wonderful visit. We all miss you already.


DSCF7522 copy


6 thoughts on “10 Things I Learnt While my Dad was Here

  1. My parents are also from the Eastern Cape so I’m sure they’d have a lot in common. (I grew up in PE) my dad grew up on a farm as well. My dad visits us every now and then too.
    Get better and look after yourself.

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