Tattoos: Love or Loathe?

photo 2Excuse the rather strange expression on my face. I was NOT actually trying to pull off a “Blue Steel”, I was making a train sound (choo choo) to try to get Ben to smile. And it worked. Kind of.

Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of you and your baby while also showing off your tattoo, which is really not in a very flattering place? Well, it’s hard.

This was all because of a great interview I did with Cindy Alfino on her awesome blog 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House about my tattoo and what it means to me.

I come from a conservative family and tattoos were always the preserve of sailors, prisoners and drug addicts. Seriously, they were frowned upon then but I think things have changed. It’s such a personal thing though. If you want tats all over your arms and your shoulders and you love them to bits, then why not? I suppose I’m just shyer about it and wanted something a bit more private.

Anyway, read my full interview with Cindy here and have lovely weekends all.




3 thoughts on “Tattoos: Love or Loathe?

  1. Im loving the tattoos!! When I first moved to South Africa I was worried how people would take my tats but I quickly realized it wasn’t an issue! I look forward to the day my boys are old enough for me to explain the stories behind my tats!!

  2. I have a tattoo on my hip as well. I love that it’s there and that not many people get to see it because it was for me. My mom HATES that I have a tattoo but it’s not her body. I will be getting another one for Gemma soon as well.


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