Feathering the Nest (and a Sneak Peek)

mamabirdWhat have you got planned for this weekend? We are mostly feathering the Mountain nest. We inherited some gorgeous old furniture from my parents when they moved off the farm but some of it needed a little love. So we’re getting it recovered and plumped up and we’re putting in new light fittings and we’ve painted the walls and we’re buying a carpet and rehanging pictures – I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted a home that reflected the Karoo farmhouse I grew up in, but mixed with some more modern pieces. Once it’s all done I’ll share some pics with you.

Beautiful spaces go a long way to enhancing your life. So we’re also working on the garden this weekend and adding in some colour. We inherited the most lush, cared for garden when we bought our house but it’s in desperate need of some colour, so we’re off to the nursery this weekend to buy some plants. Note that I just refer to them rather vaguely as “plants” because I have no idea of their actual names. It’s clear that I don’t have green fingers, but I’m trying to cultivate some.

And talking of feathering the nest, how do you like this little green mama bird with her two chicks? It’s a sneak peek of a very small part of my new blog logo and I’m just so chuffed with it all. I’ve been working very hard (with some very talented people) to get the new revamped Making Mountains ready and we’ll hopefully be launching it in the second half of March.

My favourite colour is green and I just have such an affinity with birds, in fact, they’re even mentioned in a tattoo I have on my right hip. I always think that if I had some sort of spirit animal it would be a bird (I also love sheep but let’s face it, who would want a sheep as a spirit animal?!). The relaxed, quirky style of the illustration is just what I was looking for and was produced by the talented team from Essie Letterpress.

Then we’ve got a family photo shoot with my lovely friend Robyn Rose, as we need some updated photos with Ben in them to use on my blog. Robyn takes such natural expressive photos and is so relaxing to be around that you hardly notice she’s there…can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

This will be followed by a birthday party for a school friend of Rachel’s that she’s madly excited for. I think she has a little crush on this boy because she talks about him ALL the time and has even planned which of her party dresses she’s going to wear (turquoise velvet with pink satin ribbons) and which bangles (pink of course). I’m not quite sure if this infatuation is normal but I’ve spoken to other Moms with girls of this age and they say theirs are just the same. Plus the teacher says it’s all very innocent and sweet and they are great friends.

So lots of creativity and fun abound this weekend. I’m feeling so much better after the ten days or so of us all being sick. I’ve also realised that lack of sleep and lack of exercise really drive me a little loopy and I’m a much better version of myself if I have plenty of both.

Happy weekends to you all,




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