My Most Popular Post of ALL

Some of you are new to Making Mountains and a (very) few of you have been reading from early on. In case you’ve missed anything, I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite past posts:

  1. My most popular post I’ve ever written is this one , a letter to my Mother on the anniversary of her death. Every week it is my most read post, with people finding it by typing in “death anniversary message” and “what to write for your Mom’s death anniversary”. People from the USA, Pakistan and the Phillipines, people from Australia and the UK, all these people who have lost their mothers and are searching for meaning. It makes me sad that we’ve all experienced this loss, but hopefully my post can help them in some small way.
  2. And then there’s this post which is especially relevant right now. I’m writing this flat on my back in bed. I’ve had an upset stomach for 48 hours and then this morning I tweaked my back bending down to pick Ben up – I can’t really move. Ben has been vomiting for about 48 hours now, and we have been going through copious sheets and towels and outfits. On Sunday night he vomited in his sleep and then proceeded to rub his face backwards and forward in the stuff. Lovely. The doctor says he has a “viral infection” that may or may not be chicken pox. He has a few spots which I thought were itchy bites but they don’t seem to be spreading. Please send sympathy, because the only thing that’s worse than having a sick child, is having to care for someone when you’re sick yourself too.
  3. And because she’s just growing up so fast and is such an adoring older sister, I’m enjoying rereading this letter I wrote to my daughter, to Rachel the Brave.
  4. Whenever you’re sick, you miss being a child and you miss “home”, so here’s a post about the Eastern Cape and why I love it so.
  5. I wrote this post when I was finding out whether Ben was a girl or a boy, because I was irritated that everyone seemed to think I wanted one of each. Why does society think that is necessarily better?
  6. I’ve got some friends who are currently pregnant and it’s been funny going through all the emotions again with them and also remembering how sometimes the hormones turn you into a CRAZY person. This post about me freaking out at Woolies and throwing panties into the sky always makes me laugh (and blush)(A LOT)…
  7. And then this post about the arrival of Ben last year makes me all nostalgic. We hadn’t met him yet and we had no idea what joy he was about to bring into our lives. Looking at Rachel I see her father in all his glory – a wicked sense of humour, an adventurous spirit, a HUGE personality and a kind and tender soul. But when looking at Ben I see myself, a mirror if you will. I didn’t know two children could be so different and yet both so adored.

Happy reading! And here are some pictures of my munchkins, just because they are hilarious and I love them so:

photo 4photo 3


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