10 Things I Learnt this Weekend

IMG_3378 copyWe’ve had such a lovely quiet weekend. You know those weekends where you don’t have anywhere to be? And you can lie on the floor with your kids and play dress up ballerina with the one and then practise crawling with the other.

These are all the things I learnt:

  1. Starting a veggie garden is easy enough but MAINTAINING it is another thing altogether. Learning how to rotate crops, knowing what to do as the seasons change – it’s not easy and we’ve made lots of mistakes. But it’s a new year so this weekend we cleared out things that weren’t thriving, weeded and dug, planted onions and brinjals and watermelons and carrots and beetroot and peas. We’ve already got spinach and tomatoes and potatoes and patty pans…so there’s going to be a great selection. If you want to do something similar, check out How Splendid and the wonderful Philippa – who helped us.
  2. I really like ratatouille. Using all the ingredients from my garden, I made it on Saturday and we ate it with lamb chops we’d fried on our cherry red Le Creuset griddle pan – delicious!
  3. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I find something I like, I basically get obsessed. As is the case with the British Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The acting is superb and each episode is nearly 2 hours long, so it’s almost like watching a movie. The same goes for True Detective starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey – BRILLIANT. Watch them both, you won’t be sorry.
  4. My husband is unnaturally obsessed with his lawn. He can leave his bed unmade for days. He builds a pile of dirty clothing in the corner of his room. But his lawn must be spotless (apparently this is not an unusual affliction amongst suburban males)…
  5. Boy babies poo A LOT MORE than girl babies. Like, about 3 to 4 times more. Is there a biological reason for this? All I know is that it is smelly and I am going through a lot of nappies.
  6. Growing out a fringe makes you feel like an awkward teenage girl, all over again. In the morning I stand in front of the mirror trying to brush it to one side. And then it falls all wrong. And I keep playing with it self consciously all day. PLEASE GROW FASTER HAIR.
  7. I’m really loving the Winter Olympics. But everyone is about 20 years old and wearing beanies and hoodies and baggy pants. It can make one feel old.
  8. You must not squat down to pick up babies off the floor, you must lean from your hips. Otherwise you may split your pants like I did on Sunday when we were out at a restaurant. Luckily a friend had a scarf I could wrap round my waist because you could see my underwear and everything.
  9. I REALLY love composting. This weekend we bought a Bokashi bin and will be using it from now on to turn our food scraps into soil enhancer for our garden. You can throw almost everything in there: fruit and veg and even small meat bones. Apparently you can significantly reduce the amount of rubbish you produce, plus you get amazing liquid out of it that your garden just loves.
  10. That a more “equal” marriage means less sex. Or does it? Take a read of this fascinating article to find out.

I’ve also been working on the new look and feel for the revamped Making Mountains, which I’m hoping to launch in March or April (eeek!). Have good weeks all.




6 thoughts on “10 Things I Learnt this Weekend

  1. The only things that thrived in my veg. patch was the tomatoes – I obviously don’t have a green thumb on my body!! lol

  2. What a wonderful photo to have of Rachel, what a beautiful moment to have captured. And thanks for recommending the Lori Gottlieb article, very interesting and thought provoking. She seems to have kicked up quite a fuss, but I like it, she has some good points.

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