On Coming Back Down to Earth

DSCF7382 copyToday has not been the best day. I don’t write a blog because I like to moan, but blogging is also about being honest and not pretending that your life is all shiny and happy and perfect, all the time (if at all?!).

There is always a comedown after a wonderful holiday – it’s only natural. Being on holiday means you can forget about work, forget about paying the bills, forget about all your grown up responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean they go away and in fact, they all build up while you’re away and then when you return you have a big old whack of issues to deal with.

In an attempt to address all the things that made today not so good, I’m going to write them down:

  1. First of all, driving 14 hours with two kids is nothing to be sneezed at. Rachel was an angel but Ben is just starting to crawl which means he does not want to sit in a car seat. AT ALL. He is also teething and constipated and covered in mosquito bites, so the trip was a little stressful. I caught sight of myself in a mirror at the Shell garage and I looked like I’d been put through the ringer: hair ruffled, stained shirt and SWEATING. This parenting thing is so glamorous.
  2. We felt so safe in Europe. And we get back to hear about a gang operating in our suburb and armed robberies that happened while were away. Sometimes living in South Africa sucks – I don’t want to feel afraid. And no one else should have to feel that way either.
  3. Rachel is off to her new school tomorrow and I am so disorganised that she did not even have a lunch box and I had no idea what time school even started in the morning. A quick rush to Pick ‘n Pay and a call to another Mom and I was sorted. But for a control freak like me, I just feel very ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  4. I’m a little floppy. After weeks of wine and Christmas festivities and pub lunches and fondues, it’s all a little less toned than it was. I don’t like this feeling at all, so my exercise regime will start up again in earnest this week (which thank goodness I really enjoy). And my husband and I will be doing the Sleek Geek Reboot. I’m a terrible dieter but this is more of a detox and mostly cuts out all the bad stuff anyway: sugar, alcohol, starches etc. It’s just for a month, but at the moment that feels like a looooooong time.
  5. WE HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME. I don’t think I really need to explain that for two self employed people this is more than annoying. I’m using a USB 3G dongle as a last resort but it doesn’t work very well either. And neither Telkom nor Vodacom has a solution – apparently we’re 10km away from the nearest exchange which is why it’s always breaking. The guy at the call centre actually told us to move house in order to solve the problem! (thanks, but we just bought this house so we’re not going anywhere).
  6. My garden is a mess. I know this isn’t a big problem but we poured a lot of love (and a bit of cash) into it last year and after just four weeks away a lot of it has died and it’s also a jungle out there. But we got these gorgeous goodies from it and are eating some tonight, so that’s a plus isn’t it?IMG-20140115-00245

Sorry about the moan. Sometimes the more incredible the holiday, the harder it is coming back down to earth. But tomorrow is another day and I know very well that in the bigger scheme of things I’m very very lucky.

Plus the year is all shiny and new. 2014 – here I come.


2 thoughts on “On Coming Back Down to Earth

  1. Sorry about the internet. We also have a problem with Telkom and the speed.. but at least we are connected. Hang in there, maybe you need a holiday to recover from your holiday! We did the driving thing last year with a 6 month old and suffice to say this year we stayed home!

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