Then and Now: 6 Years of Marriage

IMG_2278 copy 2So. It’s our six year wedding anniversary today. Six years of marriage and almost 10 years together. Not as long as some, but certainly the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

When I look at this photo I think of how wonderful that day was, but also how innocent we were in terms of the ways of the world. I was always realistic about marriage and how difficult it was, but I don’t think I quite realised what life could throw at us. Everything was giddy and golden and perfect. And I thought it would always stay that way.

In the last six years we’ve moved countries, moved houses, changed jobs, had a baby, lost a parent, bought a home, had another baby, lost friends, quit our jobs, started up businesses, been sick, been healthy and had some near misses. We’ve eaten bratwurst in Berlin, got lost in crumbling Rome, danced till our feet hurt at Burning Man and watched the sun rise over Cambodian temples. We’ve smiled sometimes and sulked sometimes. We’ve shouted out our anger and whispered over a sleeping child, mopped up tears of pain and made each other laugh.

I don’t often talk about you on this blog because this space is mine. And although I’m fine to share my secret thoughts with the world, I like to leave yours with you. But I do so love you and this is why:

  • You are who you are. There are no pretences with you and I’m realising more and more how rare this is. And you get on with everyone, from the cleaner to the CEO.
  • You’re a hottie. Your arms, your eyes, your wicked smile.
  • Your mind. Our brains are different you and I. You think nothing is impossible and are a natural entrepreneur. You like risk and dislike rules. You’ve never finished a book but you’re the sharpest guy I know.
  • You can dance. Like nobody’s business.
  • You’ve got charisma. Put you in a room with a stranger and they’ll be charmed in minutes.
  • You’re besotted with your family. You’d do anything for us, and we know that.
  • You bring me out of myself. I’m a natural introvert but your sociable nature gets me out of the house and meeting amazing people and doing amazing things. I needed that in a partner.
  • You let me be me. With all my quirks and geeky habits and solitary hobbies.
  • You know how to have fun. And that’s a quality we all need to keep as we get older.
  • When I’m with you, I feel adored.

I thought I’d end up with a sensitive poetic type, but I got the exact opposite because that’s just what I needed. I also don’t believe in love at first sight. Because when I first saw you I thought “He looks like a naughty sh*t – best steer clear”. But you’d decided I was the one and you wouldn’t give up, even when I cancelled our first date as you were getting dressed for it. You can be tenacious when life requires it and it has served you well.

When I look at the picture of us six years on, quite a lot has changed. I’m a brunette instead of a blonde. We’re not quite as lean. There are more lines. But we are tougher. And we still laugh a lot. And I still love you as I did that day.

Here’s to the next six years. And maybe even the next sixty.

Happy Anniversary my love.




7 thoughts on “Then and Now: 6 Years of Marriage

  1. Congratulations our beautiful people. We are so proud of you and love you both. Thank you for the joy you have given to the Mountain and Blomfield families.

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