You Know You’re On Summer Holidays When…

DSCF7137 copyYou Know You’re On Summer Holidays When…

  1. You find yourself wearing flip-flops five days in a row.
  2. You eat scones with jam and cream for breakfast.
  3. You realise what an amateur you are at applying suncream and you end up with a very strange tan.
  4. Your skin stings in the shower (see above).
  5. You have to “get your eye in” again when it comes to beach bats. And you start getting very competitive and trying to beat your record.
  6. There is beach sand in EVERYTHING.
  7. Your bikini basically doubles up as your underwear.
  8. Your children don’t wear a lot of clothes. And your oldest enjoys riding around on her new tricycle naked too.
  9. You have to ask someone what time it is. And what day of the week it is. Repeatedly.
  10. You put on sunscreen instead of moisturiser in the morning.
  11. Your baby’s new favourite toy is tinsel.
  12. You watch a lot of cricket.
  13. Your day starts off by opening a window of an advent calendar. Sometimes two.
  14. You use the idea of Father Christmas A LOT in your negotiation tactics with your three-year-old. As in: “Father Christmas would really like you to finish your lasagna”
  15. Any kind of shopping mall is a terrifying place. Especially when you stand in the Woolies queue for 30 minutes only to get to the front and realise you left your wallet at home in your other bag.
  16. There’s a lot of Michael Buble and Rod Stewart Christmas music action going on.
  17. Your mother-in-law keeps trying to feed you her homemade Christmas cake. Even though she knows you hate raisins.
  18. You become obsessed with the weather forecast and the predicted wind speed for the next day.
  19. You eat a lot of food.
  20. You drink a lot of wine.

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