You Can’t be Good at Everything..

f37f4061568fee593dc6bc225a0927afAlthough some people try. You know those people? They’re usually really good-looking, super achievers at work and then they still run marathons and stuff. I get tired just looking at them.

No, you can’t be good at everything and one of the great things about getting older is that you realise what you’re actually pretty decent at and what you’re really a little bit rubbish at.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE lists, so I decided to make a list of all the things I’m really not that wonderful at. Not in a negative way, more in a funny haha kind of way.

I suppose it’s a sort of LIST OF ACCEPTANCE and a way of motivating myself to get better at said things. Here goes:

  1. Rollerskating: Or rollerblading, or waterskiing or snow skiing or anything involving balance. In fact, one of the first memories my husband has of me is when I was a promotions girl at Newlands cricket stadium as a student. I was dressed in bright yellow lycra, giving away free stuff and wearing rollerskates. I needed the money so badly that I told the promotions company I could rollerskate, even though I couldn’t. There are a lot of ramps at Newlands and the only way to stop myself from falling was to bump into members of the public, hold on to them for dear life and then offer them some free stuff. Luckily they didn’t mind (maybe because of the lycra?).
  2. Parking: My spatial awareness is up the pole. Which is where my car often ends up too. Pillars, poles, curbs, garage doors – they are all out to get me. The first time I realised I was not a brilliant driver was when I was 17. I was trying to learn and reversed my parents’ Toyota Corolla out of their garage and took off the entire front right light.
  3. Being graceful: I never did ballet as a child but I don’t think that would have helped much. I am one of the clumsiest people I know, always tripping over my own large (size 8) feet, bumping my head against cupboard doors or dropping things (you should see the dent in my laptop).
  4. Talking about money: It makes me uncomfortable. Which is unfortunate because we all need it to survive. If we travel to another country and have to bargain with someone to buy a carpet for example, I will come out paying three times what I should have paid for that carpet. My husband incidentally is very good at talking about money, which is a great help.
  5. Jogging: I get bored. Or tired. And then I stop. Which kinds of defeats the point of jogging (or “yogging” as Ron Burgundy pronounces it). But for some reason I can run for ages on a treadmill with music pumping in my ears. I’m not sure why.
  6. Small talk: Oh. My. Word. If you want to torture me, stick me at a cocktail party by myself with a whole group of people I don’t know. My WORST.
  7. Drawing/painting/art: You should see my stick figures. They are a disaster. I remember one still life we had to draw in Art class when I was about 14. It was of a blue pot surrounded by flowers and I painted that pot for a good few hours and it still came out looking like a flat blue circle. No, I prefer to paint in words. 
  8. Smoking: Now this is actually a pretty good thing to be bad at. I tried at university but I was never very successful. In fact, I still don’t really know how to inhale. **NERD alert**.
  9. DIY: See a previous post I wrote on this when we moved into our new house. I’d love to be able to handle a drill properly, but I just can’t.
  10. Ironing: Even after years at boarding school and living in London, I still can’t iron properly. My clothes usually end up looking worse than they did when I started.

So that’s my “acceptance list”, things I’m just not good at and that I need to work on. Some are more serious than others, but they’re all very real.

What are the things you just really can’t do? I’d love to hear them – even if it’s just to make me feel a little better about mine;)

P.S. I wrote this post before Madiba died. Now it seems really trivial – but sometimes we need the trivial to get through the harder stuff.

Image courtesy of Shorpy


5 thoughts on “You Can’t be Good at Everything..

  1. 1. I was known as loud mouth Loudon at school – at the High Court for my divorce, I shook so much and they had to keep on asking me to raise my very shaky voice!
    2. My first roast ever, we had to give to the dog – I bought a cut for a pot roast and put it in the oven – I can’t remember if the dog even ate it – I have improved somewhat!
    3. Shy, so find it extremely difficult to make small talk! I usually share far too much!
    4. Have trichotillomania, and that’s another story altogether!
    5. At least you drive – my ex tried to take me on the road and I saw a tractor in the distance and I had to stop driving. Never tried again Had also done the reverse bump!

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