Thanks Guys – You’re THE BEST

DSCF7084Ben looks as surprised as I am right now! His mouth is wide open because he is trying to eat that piece of cardboard, along with my index finger, Boudoir biscuits and even the burglar bars in the lounge. Teething will do that to you.

As for me, I can’t quite believe that I made it into the Top 10 of the Kidzworld Mommy Bloggers – and it’s all thanks to you.

Thanks so much for voting for me – it means the world because you obviously like what you read and took time out of your busy days to cast your vote for Making Mountains.

I wasn’t even going to enter because I thought I didn’t stand a chance of making the shortlist. Writing is such a personal thing and a lot of us writers seem to lack confidence when it comes to these sorts of things. Plus we are often very sensitive, so we hate intruding on people’s space and asking for favours.

But thank goodness for good friends and my husband who encouraged me to at least ask for your votes – a simple example of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

Now before this begins to sound like a bad Oscar speech, if you’ve come this far, then there’s no harm in asking you to vote for me again. Getting into the Top 10 was my goal but we didn’t come this far to give up. So if you feel that way inclined, please cast your vote again, it would be so appreciated. Plus I think that if you vote you can win some cool book hampers from Pan Macmillan , which is an added bonus.

Pouring your heart out can be lonely, so even a little recognition can make a big difference. Thanks for reading and for being so awesome.





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