School Reports: Remember Those?

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 6.51.44 PMDo you remember those days of school reports? Ours were all handwritten, A5 sized and collated together in a little plastic covered booklet. They would arrive in our P.O. Box in bulky looking envelopes branded with our school’s logo and the sight always used to fill me with a little bit of trepidation. I was a big nerd though, so even if I was a bit nervous, I knew that most of the contents were probably okay.

I was good at English, History, choir and (most) sport. I was pretty average at Maths, Afrikaans and Biology. I was TERRIBLE at Art. But I always tried hard and I suppose that’s what teachers liked about me. I also remember comments like “Belinda does not take criticism well” or “Belinda needs to learn how to handle losing” and although I’ve got better at both of those, I still have a long way to go.

It’s amazing to me how soon our character traits raise their little heads. And that these flaws and strengths are with us for life, part of our personality’s toolbox . We just received Rachel’s first ever school report – there was much excitement. She’s only in a playgroup so it’s not rocket science, but already I can see those personality traits developing, that will define who she is and how she approaches life.

Without boring you with ALL the things she’s AMAZING at, these are the funny bits:

  • Construction: “Rachel loves puzzles and Lego and has an outstanding knowledge of colours and shapes”. I know this is very important for future skills development but I can’t help picturing her with a hard hat on one day constructing a bridge across a river and me thanking goodness that she always played with her Lego blocks.
  • Musical Play: “Rachel loves showing others what to do and is always quick to remind the teacher that it is time for the singing ring”. My family members call me Bossy Belinda, so this is no surprise.
  • Outdoor Play: “Rachel loves organising outdoor games for her friends and gets VERY upset if they aren’t performing to the best of their ability”. I’m sensing a trend here.
  • Creative Play: “Rachel loves “going shopping”, “having coffee” with friends and “going to the movies”. You would think this is all my child sees me do.
  • Social Development: “Rae has a great sense of humour and fun but does need help sorting out “problem” situations”. I am guessing this is when someone pushes someone over or steals a toy – I also often need help sorting out similar situations. I was never very good at managing conflict, I normally just start crying, which is not very helpful.

All in all, we’re so proud of her and I suppose kind of proud of ourselves.  When you have kids you actually MADE them, so you feel like their achievements are your own. We’re going to miss her little playgroup and now start the process of getting to know a whole other group of children and parents next year. Here’s to the next adventure.

P.S. I’ll be announcing the winner of the book hamper giveaway tomorrow, so watch this space.