WIN Some Great Kids Books for Christmas!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best gift buyer when it comes to the little ones.  I hate all the cheap rubbish that overflows from the toyshop shelves so when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I always know I can’t go wrong with a book or two.

Which is why I’m so chuffed to be giving away a gorgeous selection of books to one lucky reader of this blog, all sponsored by the lovely folk at Penguin. The only rules are that the winner can’t be related to me (sorry Dad!) and that you have to live in South Africa. I’ll also pay for any postage or courier services in order to get the books directly to your door.

To enter please leave a comment below this post saying what you would do with the books if you won. Commenting is now really easy – you don’t need to login or anything. All you need to do is write your comment, your name and your email address (it won’t be published, it’s just so I can reach you if you win). Competition closes on Tuesday 3 December 2013 and the winning entry will be drawn at random.

Without further ado, this is what you can win (click on the book covers to read even more about each title):


I was fascinated by the tale of Peter Rabbit when I was little and this story has ageless appeal. Plus the book is packed with activities and stickers – all designed to entertain the little ones during the loooong December holidays.


I just love Lydia Monks’ picture books – the illustrations are so charming and they always come with a great message. This book is about a cat who wishes she were a dog and all her reasons why.


My daughter is obsessed with the Disney Junior channel on DSTV. Doc McStuffins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse all appear in this annual, as well as hundreds of little activities. A crowd pleaser for sure.


According to my daughter at the moment, pink is the only colour in the universe. Which is why I know she’d love to receive this annual all packed with pretty things under the Christmas tree this year.


How cute is this plush puppy and snowman book? A great gift set for boys or girls.

All you need to do to win ALL of these goodies is write a quick comment below. Good luck!


29 thoughts on “WIN Some Great Kids Books for Christmas!

  1. I am such a book hoarder and have far too many books — but still would like to win this hamper for my daughter Zoe 🙂 It ticks off Xmas lists in November! Oh please please please pick me ❤ Fingers crossed xxxx

  2. Oh these are beautiful!! Was just looking at books for my girls this morning- these would be perfect wrapped up under our tree 😉

  3. I would love to spend lots of time reading all these lovely books with my children- laughing together, absorbing words together! We all love reading- so these would be amazing presents from Father Christmas!

  4. “A mouse took a stroll in a deep, dark wood….” I could recite the rest of the Gruffalo if you’d like? Or any Maisy story you’d prefer, or possibly a Dr Seuss if you’re in a nonsensical mood perhaps? We’ve read every one of the pile of children’s books we own, until we all know them by heart – so some fresh characters, spritely stories and engaging activities would be most welcome. Then I’d have an excuse to pack up any non-classic, I’ll-force-myself-to-let-go stories and donate them to a worthy cause where children less priveleged than mine will be able to fall in love with them too.

  5. Even though my daughter is only 7 months we read together every day and she just loves books! We are in need of some new ones to add to her collection 🙂

  6. My son will love this hes 2 and half years old so obessed with books and mickey mouse and dogs. These are all of his favorite things. This would be he christmas wishlist dream come true.

  7. My baby is graduating from creche tomorrow & this would be a lovely way to kick start her reading addiction! I would love to win this for her. She loves stories & everything with bunnies & Minnie Mouse!

    Don’t have much to buy for her right now & this would be awesome.

    *crossing fingers* 🙂

  8. Both my kids love books, and these would be a great addition to their collection. I am sure my son would love to read I wish I were a dog to us.

  9. Wow!! Awesome books!! If I had to win these books, they would be given to my bookworm daughter and her and I would spend hours reading them out in the shade of our garden! School holidays start soon so we will definitely be needing some new reading material and these books are TOTES amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Beeg loves!

  10. Two little miracles have just joined our world and we can’t wait to have them home and share the magical world’s and characters in books. Having been read to every night as a child, we can;t wait to pass this legacy and love for reading, onto our little boys.

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  12. Hand ’em over, B! Am trying to earn 5 gold stars in the Aunt competition this year. Only got 2 last year. Not sure how the scoring system works but I recon ‘I wish I were a Dog’ is equivalent to at least a couple! Lovely!

  13. My kids love anything books – Amandalynn walked into a sliding door yesterday from having her nose in a book/.

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