Our Pilgrimage to the Eastern Cape

This weekend Ben and I took a little trip down to the Eastern Cape to visit my Dad. We left Rachel and Gareth at home, which many people might think a bit strange, but we had our reasons. I hadn’t been “home” the whole year and Ben hadn’t visited the Eastern Cape since he was born, so I wanted both of us to do a sort of pilgrimage.  Plus it saved us money, as Ben still flies free.

Getting out of Joburg did us both good but we’re definitely missing the other two members of our family unit and can’t wait to see their precious faces tomorrow. This is what we got up to on our weekend away:


We played with the doggies, Dot and Ditto. We don’t have any pets so Ben was completely fascinated. We want to get a dog some time next year, so I need to spend some time thinking about the best way to go about it. It’s a real commitment and I don’t want to go into it lightly.


We sat in the sun and stared at the cows and the grass and the clouds. Ben is fascinated by anything natural – he just goes all quiet and reflective and I wonder what is going on in that little brain of his.


The little “Vaalie” had his first visit to the beach and goodness, he loved it. I put his chubby legs into the waves and he dug up fistfuls of sand and he wore his Grandpa’s oversized cap to protect him from the sun (who packs a bag for a beach visit and forgets their baby’s hat?! Me.)


I marvelled at the aloes of the Eastern Cape. I really am a little obsessed, I have pictures and cushions and notebooks, all covered in the things. They’re just so tough and beautiful, all at the same time.


Ben got to know his Grandpa a little bit and I’m so glad. They even have the same round faces and sunny disposition.

I also took Ben to where my Mum’s ashes were scattered, so she could meet him. We stood in that quiet place by a rock, the same place she had taken me and my siblings to play, when we were little. The air is very still there and we watched the waves come crashing in and I held his little body so close to me and breathed in the aliveness of him.

Often travelling with a young child seems like a huge effort, but it was all so worth it. Now I’m just preparing for three more weeks of hard work before we head to the Western Cape for Christmas.

Have good weeks all.

Belinda xxx

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