Bragging About Ben

For a mommy blog, I really don’t brag enough about my kids. The thing is, I know that type of thing can get annoying – your own children are always far more charming to you than they are to anyone else.

Also, the term “mommy blog” always makes me gag a little bit. And I know it puts non-parents off but I do write about parenting a lot, so I guess I’ve got to learn to embrace the term and get on with it.

So prepare for two posts of bragging, one for my girl and one for my boy. And I’ll write them as letters, because I’m really hoping that they’ll read them one day.

DSCF5771 copyDear Ben

Did you know that you were supposed to be a girl? The doctor told us at 12 and 16 weeks that you were another daughter and we had already prepared ourselves for years of ballet and Barbies and sparkles and pink.

We’d even picked out a name: Annabel – a combination of my mothers name Ann and mine, Belinda. We could picture our two daughters sharing a room, sharing clothes and sharing a school.

And then at my 20 week appointment the gynae casually asked me what I was having. “A girl! You told me I was having another girl!”. “Hmmmm”, he said.

And you’ve been one surprise after another.  You never stop smiling and you ADORE your sister. You laugh when she sings to you and you cry when I turn the hairdryer off (?!). You hate carrots. You love butternut. Your favourite toy is a stripy foam rattle. You spent the first five months of your life in your sister’s bright pink rocking chair and it’s still your favourite. You love to swing your little arm (always your left) backwards and forwards to make it rock and you can do it for hours on end.

You love the outdoors and can stare and stare at the sky with wonder. You hate deep voices, dogs barking and other loud noises. You like to cover your face with your comfort toy when you sleep. And when I go to your cot in the morning to pick you up,  there is nothing quite so precious as your delighted smile.

Parenting is a privilege and you make it even more so. I can’t wait to see who you become.




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