On Being Crap at Self-Promotion (and Curling into a Little Ball)

sa-best-mommy-blogger-competition-2013-nominate-meTalking about myself – I’m just not that good at it. It’s painful for me. Over the years I’ve learnt to be a little better at promoting myself when it comes to WORK work, i.e copywriting and content production over at Black Mountain but when it comes to the more personal writing/blogging stuff, I’m still really rubbish.

The thing is, I LOVE writing this blog. And if I want to carry on and get more readers and make a proper success of it, then I need to get better at promoting myself.

I mean, I studied marketing and then marketed books for nearly 10 years. I worked in social media. I KNOW all the tricks but when it comes to treating myself like a brand and applying it all to Belinda Mountain, then I suddenly want to curl up into a little ball like a songololo and just stay very very quiet and still.

But 2014 is going to change all of that. I’m going to email my friends and invite them to read my blog, and not worry that I’m invading their space. I’m going to use my social media networks more. I’m going to redesign this blog and STOP BEING SO SHY about it. Because I know what I say is valuable to lots of people. I’ve been told that I speak a lot of truth, that my writing makes readers laugh or cry, that what I say is natural and not at all contrived. All good things.

So, the first part of that process is asking you for a little help. Kidzworld is hosting a little mommy blogger competition and I’d love you to nominate me. Listen, I’m not expecting much at all but at the very least it may help me get onto the mommy blogging radar. I follow lots of mommy blogs and there are some wonderful (and hugely popular) ones, and they make me look like little Nemo next to a big blue whale. But Nemo had to start somewhere didn’t he?!

So if you like what you read, please take two minutes to complete their very simple form – I’d SO appreciate it. (And in case you need a little help, my website address is: http://www.makingmountains.co.za and my name is: Belinda Mountain).

THANK YOU! Here’s to having more confidence, asking for help and learning how to stand tall (and not curl up into a little ball).

Belinda xxx


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