These are a Few of My Favourite Things

I’ve seen these posts on other blogs I read and they’re always a nice way of learning about new things – whether they’re beautiful, useful or a mixture of both.

So here goes, a list of the things I’m loving at the moment:


  1. My Consol Glass water bottle. I am a thirsty person and like to drink copious amounts of water but for a while now I’ve been struggling to find the perfect vessel. Enter my new lime green Consol bottle. There’s something about the design that makes you want to hold it in your hand ALL THE TIME – it’s just so pretty. I use it at the gym, around the house and at the office.
  2. PnP Finest Raspberry, Pomegranate & Lemon Vinaigrette : This dressing is THE BOMB. Whenever I make a salad and serve it to guests they think I’m some kind of culinary genius but little do they know that I have a sneaky secret weapon. It’s not too sweet, not too tart and just makes everything taste delicious.500542_EApeach_body_butter_m_l
  3. Vineyard Peach Body Butter (The Body Shop):  I normally buy the more creamy/nutty body butters but this one was on special and I’m so glad I tried it. It’s so peachy and fresh that I’m surprised someone doesn’t reach out and take a bite out of me when I walk past. It smells like summer.
  4. Bioderma Tinted Cream: A dermatologist I went to recommended this once and ever since then I’ve been using it. It has a built in SPF of 50 plus it’s tinted, so you don’t need to wear foundation. I love it, it’s nice and light and I feel good knowing I’m protecting my skin.
  5. Solal Double Vitamin C:  I used to take Corenza C when I felt a cold coming on, but a friend recommended this and it’s worked so well. Whenever I wake up with an itchy throat, or even when life is a bit hectic and I know I’m a bit run down, I dose up on these and they keep me going.31ikcf-hV9L._SY300_vitc
  6. My De’Longhi Kettle: I am a little in love with this kettle. It’s just so elegant and it pours so beautifully. I’ve had cheaper kettles but for someone who uses their kettle a great deal (for baby bottles, multiple times a day), this was worth every cent.
  7. Le Creuset jug and squeezer. I won this as part of this incredible prize. They’re both so beautiful and sunny, and looking at them just makes me feel cheerful.
  8. 524156225_240x180Capturelc2The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert: Really, I’ve just started this book but you can tell when you’re going to enjoy  something and I’ve got that feeling this time round.
  9. These wedges from Zoom. They’re the perfect height and they go with everything. They’re great for work and even to wear to the two weddings I’ve got coming up before the end of the year.
  10. This red dress from Spree . It’s the kind of thing you can throw on for a night out or wear to work and it’s just so easy and comfortable. Think I should spoil myself by buying the midnight blue one too;)

So there we are. I think my next “favourite things” post will be a list of all the stuff I find useful as a parent  – watch this space.47227299_0_Img0Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.19.05 PMsc1307june18picrfb10090


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