Opposites Attracting and MESSY People

DSCF5775I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, ever since we went away a few weekends ago and I took these photos of Gareth and my sides of the bedroom.

Look at my side, all clean and white and uncluttered. If my room is messy then my brain feels messy and I can’t think straight. And it’s the same with my desk.

My business partner Catherine always comments on my desk, which literally has nothing on it except a cup full of pens, some scrap paper for doodling and a box of tissues. Oh and my computer of course.

Not so with my husband. He leaves receipts bulging out of his drawers, dirty socks in every corner and my worst, those little mints you get from restaurants – they are ALL over our house. He always takes four or five whenever he leaves a restaurant (the man eats out a lot) and proceeds to leave them lying on the bar counter, on the kitchen table or next to his bed. Whenever I find one (or a little pile of two or three) I chuck them straight in the bin, not because after-dinner mints are not useful, it’s just that I can’t bear them cluttering up the place.

I’m the same with safety pins, lonely hair bands, paper clips, batteries and even brown money/coins. These are all useful objects but if they aren’t in their correct place then I would rather throw them away than have them lying around and looking so….messy.

DSCF5773Now let me get started on Gareth’s side of the bedroom. I mean look at it. Whereas I fold something or throw it in the laundry basket, he makes what he calls “nests” of clothes instead. I have no idea why.

Perhaps he’s a bit like those mice who like to make little balls of their own fur and then nestle into them for warmth. Or maybe it’s because he just can’t be arsed and he has to get into bed RIGHT AWAY. If he places his socks in the laundry basket instead this will take a whole two seconds longer.

I swear, it always amazes me how many couples suffer from this same predicament. And it’s not always the guy who’s messy, I know some pretty untidy girls. Why are messy people always attracted to tidy people and vice versa? I haven’t heard of many tidy/tidy couples or many messy/messy ones.

The thing is that I know I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I mean, you should see my diary, it’s covered in messy writing. And my car? It’s a pigsty.

I didn’t say it made sense.

At the end of the day I suppose Gareth and I have learnt to live with each other’s quirks.  For the rest of our lives (hopefully) he’ll continue to leave mints lying around the house and I’ll continue to chuck them in the bin.  And that’s just the way it is.


6 thoughts on “Opposites Attracting and MESSY People

  1. I’m one part of a tidy/tidy couple and it’s not much better. We obsess over keeping everything so perfect that we forget to live a little sometimes. Damned if you’re messy, damned if you’re tidy!

  2. I’m probably the messiest person on the planet – it drives my man insane. I’m trying to be better though, but I’m not going to pretend that it’s working.

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