On Luck, Bitemarks, House Envy and Pink Popcorn

My head is a busy place. I’d imagine this is the case with most people. These are all the things that were floating around in it this past weekend:

  • TV is not a friend of mine. My husband is away and he likes having it on at all times, whether he’s watching it or not. He also got “swimmers’ ear” from lifesaving when he was younger which means he turns the volume up REALLY LOUD, whereas I’m very sensitive to sound. Constant background noise makes me all anxious and snappy, so having the house absolutely silent is pretty amazing for me.
  • I’ve been neglecting Rachel. This week, when my back was turned, she bit into her baby brother’s hand. She bawled her eyes out once she knew she’d hurt him but I think it was a cry for attention. I feel like since Ben was born I’ve given him more of my time because he “needed it more” (in a tiny baby way). But now I’m trying harder to shower her with love and give her proper one-on-one time.
  • Woolworths is ludicrously expensive. Gareth and I have agreed that we won’t shop there for groceries but since he’s away, I’d thought I’d treat myself to a few items. Two bags came to just under R400. And then I see people there piling things into their trolleys for their weekly grocery shop and I think HOW DO YOU AFFORD IT?! And then once I’ve got over my jealousy I think of all the people who can barely put food on the table and then I feel a proper kind of stupid.
  • Accidents can happen really quickly. Rachel got her fingers stuck in the gap between the door and where it hangs on the door frame, all the way up to her knuckles. She was howling in pain and I panicked and got confused about which way to swing the door to release them and it felt like they were trapped in there for ages. Children are so resilient though – she could wiggle them fine and they were just bruised, not broken.
  • I really like watching cooking shows. Currently hooked on Masterchef Australia and also enjoying Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals. Keen to make the salsa verde he suggests which blends mint, parsley,  gherkins, anchovies, capers, mustard and vinegar. I love all those strong flavours and you can smear it on anything, from fish, to roast potatoes to lamb.
  • I still blush very easily. On one outing with Rachel she told me that the woman in front of us with the very curly hairpiece had a “birds’ nest”, followed by exclaiming very loudly that she didn’t like the innocent looking stranger throwing away his rubbish in the bin. I swear, parenting is not for the faint hearted. Can I also add that I caught her licking the aluminium stair rail in KFC? A starter of germs please, followed by a strawberry milkshake.
  • I’m really excited about Phase 2 of our veggie garden. Our friend Philippa (who owns How Splendid) is coming back to help us put shadecloth up (to protect veggies from the hail) and we’re growing courgettes and patty pans and three kinds of tomatoes and melons and potatoes and even pink popcorn! I know, one of my favourite foods now comes in pink – it’s too exciting.
  • Although it’s easier (and lazier) to stay at home, there really are some wonderful things to do in Joburg. On advice from friends we visited Beechwood Gardens on Sunday, an open house in Dunkeld. I’ve never seen a property so magnificent or a garden so truly beautiful. I can’t believe some people get to call that their home. My eyes were on stalks.
  • That I was SO SO lucky to win this incredible prize. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve entered a few of the awesome competitions that have come up but I just had a GOOD FEELING about this one. Still can’t believe the computer picked me out of all the people that entered. Seriously, take a look at all those goodies! Nomu, Yuppiechef, Le Creuset and a whole host of other gorgeous things and then the absolute cherry on the top is a two night stay at the incredible Grootbos – a five star floral and marine eco-paradise. You’ll be hearing more about this for sure.

Happy weeks to you all…



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