Mother-in-laws. They can be Awesome.

DSCF5719 copyI think birthdays are all about celebrating the person concerned. So although Rachel and Ben have other wonderful grandparents, I want to take this opportunity to talk about their Nana, who celebrated her 60th this past weekend.

This is why my mother-in-law is so so awesome:

  1. She’s fun. Whether it’s singing the national anthem with Rachel while she teaches her to clean the bathroom or feeding her jelly for breakfast – there’s never a dull moment when she’s around.
  2. She’s lovely. I mean, look at this photo?! The woman looks much better than 30-something me.
  3. She’s optimistic. She’s had some tough times in her life but she doesn’t let them define her and she doesn’t mope about. Life is for getting on with.
  4. She makes me laugh. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Age can make people very staid but with Adi this isn’t the case. She brightens up any dinner party.
  5. She is completely selfless. She’ll drop anything for her children or grandchildren, flying across the world to take care of them when they need her most. Gareth and I are SO privileged that she’ll not only offer to take care of our kids while we take a break, but she’ll do it with enthusiasm because she just adores them.
  6. The lady can cook. Staying with her on holiday is always a joy because we eat so well (maybe too well?!) and I learn a lot of handy tips in the kitchen.
  7. She is also the goddess of CLEANING. Gareth once caught her sucking the dust out of the air with the vacuum cleaner! And she even brings her own rubber gloves when she comes to stay with us. This means that when she leaves us, our house is cleaner than it ever was before. From her I have also learnt about Vim (try it, you won’t look back) and which type of washing powder is the best (Skip, in case you were wondering).
  8. She is honest. These are the only kind of people I want in my life. People who say what they feel and do what they say they will.
  9. She’s not my Mom. No one will ever replace her, but we all need mother figures in our lives, and my mom-in-law has become one. Someone I can call with a problem, someone to tell us how wonderful we are and someone to boast about our children to.
  10. She made Gareth. A husband who is laugh-out-loud funny, caring, charming and devoted to his family. He is a good one. And they are hard to find.

So Happy Birthday Adi, I’m lucky to have you as my mom-in-law.


2 thoughts on “Mother-in-laws. They can be Awesome.

  1. Dearest B. Thank you for this fabulous tribute…you have moved me to tears. You make our son happy, which makes us happy, and have given us beautiful grandchildren. You are loved.

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