Fynbos, Baby Blues and a Ladybug

DSCF5729 copyWe went away this past weekend to the Western Cape for my mom-in-law’s 60th and what a beautiful weekend it was.

These are all the things I learnt:

  1. That Cape Town and Joburg are such VERY different cities. The people, the roads, the landscape, the “feel” of the place more than anything. I adore Joburg but Cape Town is less lawless – people stop at red lights and drive at the speed limit. The streets are clean. It feels more provincial, less like a city and more like a village and sometimes that’s very refreshing.
  2. That someone in their 60s is called a sexaganarian…hehe. And that 60 and 70-year-olds are full of energy and much more likely to stay up past 11pm than me.
  3. That fynbos truly is beautiful. We saw king proteas and pincushions and lovely pink and lilac flowers (whose name eludes me – see pic). We went for an early morning walk up in the mountains and the natural scenery was just breathtaking.
  4. That my baby boy has “eyes of the bluest skies” (thanks Guns n’ Roses). I mean, look at those peepers! He holds my heart in his tiny little fist.DSCF5771 copy
  5. That travelling with children, no matter how lovely or special the occasion, is also exhausting. It’s not just the flight, it’s the fact that they’re out of their routine. Their new room may not be quite dark enough, their cot may be different and then they miss a nap and then EVERYONE is grumpy. It’s my fault for bringing up kids that thrive on routine and when they’re out of it – things get difficult.
  6. That grandparents are awesome. Rachel is sulking today at school because she misses them so much. It’s such a special relationship…they joke, they tease, they play together and they learn from each other. Everyone deserves to have this kind of bond.
  7. That my little girl is a proper trooper. She’s only 3 and a half but she put on her hat and walking shoes and walked up the mountain under the hot sun, because we were doing it too. She’s so strong and brave and funny and I adore her.DSCF5756 copy
  8. That it’s not a birthday without a cake. Having kids has taught me to celebrate birthdays properly again. Make a cake, decorate it, cover it in candles and then sing your heart out. The birthday boy or girl deserves it, no matter how old or young they are.
  9. That we live in such an incredibly beautiful and diverse country. The scenery in Somerset West at the foot of the Helderberg mountains is just something else.
  10. That it’s fun to dress up your kid in ridiculous outfits, just because. I think Ben looks very cute as a ladybug. And I will definitely be using this photo to embarrass him in front of all his future girlfriends.photo

6 thoughts on “Fynbos, Baby Blues and a Ladybug

  1. So well written Belinda. You obviously absorbed a lot of different impressions in many different ways. It was a lovely function and fantastic walk. Such a great country indeed. Delwyn

  2. Wow Belinda….you have a gift for writing. Keep it up. You put things so well!
    it was lovely to see you and your BEAUTIFUL children! Many blessings and happiness to you all. Love & hugs Margiexxx

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