I’m a Pluviophile: A Lover of Rain

pluviophile-lover-of-rainIt’s raining in Joburg. Not the usual summer thunderstorm that is over before it’s even begun. No, this is proper rain. And I love it.

Rain is my favourite kind of weather…it always has been. This is why:

  • Where I grew up, rainy weather was rare. Our farm on the edge of the Karoo was dusty and hot and dry and we always prayed for the relief that rain would bring. That kind of stuff gets under your skin, that love of something. Now I can smell the rain before it comes, that metallic tinge to the air, the certain way clouds look as they form and then the rush of water from the heavens down to the earth.
  • Rain is life. We all know that the next environmental crisis in our lifetimes is going to be a shortage of water, both globally and locally. Smart people are starting to install Jojo tanks in their homes and they’re on my wish list for early next year. We’ll be able to use this water for feeding the veggie garden, filling up the pool and other bits and pieces. We simply can’t afford to waste this precious resource.
  • It makes me feel safe. And blessed. Lying in bed on Sunday morning with a baby gurgling on my left, my husband snoring gently on the other side and the toddler squeezed between all of us, I felt so lucky. I listened to the rain falling and was warm in bed, with a roof over my head. And that makes me luckier than most.
  • It makes me reflective. When all is sunny and warm I tend to just carry on living, running from place to place and meeting to meeting. Rainy weather means you spend more time indoors, which means more time thinking and more time reflecting. We all need these quieter days.
  • It makes things grow. I can’t wait to see what our garden does after these last two days of rain. Seedlings will push upwards, grass will turn a greener shade of green and roses will open. All because of a little water.
  • It’s a novelty. I’m lucky enough to live in a country and a city that both have an unbeatable climate. When I lived in London for eight years, the novelty of rain definitely wore off. It was relentless there and grey and drizzly. It never rained properly and dramatically, like it does here. Of course, I loved that city for many other reasons but definitely not because of the rain.
  • It makes me want to bake things. And roast things. Yesterday I ate chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven and dipped them into piping hot tea. I roasted a chicken with lemon and rosemary and vine tomatoes with sticky balsamic vinegar and made creamy mashed potatoes smothered in juicy gravy. The best kind of comfort food.
  • You can stomp in puddles. As soon as the rain comes down, Rachel wants to get her wellie boots on and rush outside and find the biggest puddle she can. If we are to retain some sort of joy in the world, we need to hang on to these moments.

So that’s why I’m a pluviophile, a lover of rain. It brings me joy and it brings me peace.

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2 thoughts on “I’m a Pluviophile: A Lover of Rain

  1. Its raining here in Grahamstown too, after a whole year without. I agree its the best thing to hear, smell and feel.

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