Happy Birthday Making Mountains

Birthdays are weird and they become weirder the older you get. They change from being exciting sugar and gift fests into days of reflection and wrinkle checking. But it’s not my birthday today, it’s my blog’s. Happy 1st Birthday Making Mountains.

And what a great year it has been. Not that my blog has attracted international attention or become a money spewing machine at all…No, the benefits have been much more subtle than that:

  • I’ve started writing again. Writers often have great ambitions to write. They say they’ll get up early every morning and write 2 hours before breakfast or start the novel that’s rolling around in their heads – but a lot of these are simply not achievable. This blog gives me an easier way to practise writing and a place for me to order my thoughts (as much as that is possible!)
  • Positive feedback: Let’s be clear, my blog is still a baaaaaaaby blog in terms of readership but it’s still so rewarding to hear that people liked what you wrote, that it made them laugh or cry. To write something and then hear from a friend (or even better, a stranger!) that what you wrote really resonated with them always gives me such a thrill.
  • I’ve started to make blogging/Twitter friends. I’m naturally shy. But the online world can be so supportive and I’ve loved “meeting” new people through Twitter especially. Plus it really is the most powerful communication tool. Have a parenting conundrum? Ask Twitter! Need recommendations for a good restaurant? Ask Twitter!
  • It gives me a voice. For years I wanted to write but I could never articulate these thoughts and had nowhere to voice them. Imagine a musician with all these songs stuck inside them but no way of singing them out. That’s how I used to feel, but now I don’t and I can barely explain the RELIEF.
  • It’s a record for my babies. My aunt gave my Mum baby books for each of us and they’ve been the most brilliant momentos of our early years. Because of them I know what my favourite foods were (banana), what one of my first words was (“baboon” meaning “balloon”) and when I first walked. This is a “sort of” baby book for my kids that they can look back on one day.
  • I’m learning so much. About blogging. About parenting. About writing. If you sit on the sidelines you can play it safe but you’ll never learn anything – you need to get involved.

Of course, as you grow, it’s necessary to make changes. The time has come for me to redesign this blog, so early next year you’ll hopefully get to see a shinier, prettier version of Making Mountains. It’s a lot of work though and I have no idea where to begin. So in the mean time, I think it’s time for a slice of cake.



9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Making Mountains

  1. I read your posts with such anticipation bubbling – as they never fail to inspire/ make me giggle – you have such a knack and intimate writing style! Happy Birthday Making Mountains

  2. Happy birthday Making Mountains and well done Belinda. Keep up with the thought of writing a book – any book. You are good!! Mom would be so proud. xx

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