Taking Stock

DSCF5674Inspired by a recent post on the awesome Midlands Musings I thought it would be a good idea to compile a “Taking Stock”* list of my own, because it always feels better when you put all the things that are floating around in your head down on paper/screen. Plus I am the BIGGEST fan of lists, they’re great for consolidating your thoughts and deciding on priorities.

In fact, if you had to peek inside my physical diary (yes there are still people who use pens and paper), you would find a list of stuff on nearly every page and scores of underlining and crossing off. It looks messy but it works for me. Here goes:

Making: plans to see my baby sister in England (yay!)

Cooking: chicken stir fry with carrots and cabbage from my veggie garden, plus loads of ginger and chilli

Drinking: Corenza C to try and kick this cold

Reading: Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver, a wonderful selection of essays on motherhood, nature, genetic engineering, literature and so much more. I’m also trying to wade through Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond but think it is probably too clever for me.

Wanting: someone else to do all the hard work of spring-cleaning and redoing this blog, but knowing deep down that I’m the one that has to do it

Looking: at home decor magazines and lusting after all the beautiful things

Playing: with baby Ben and giving him lots of tummy zerberts

Wasting: all the compostable stuff we chuck in the bin. Need to sort out my compost heap PRONTO

Sewing: nothing. I have my mother’s beautiful sewing machine and really need to learn how to use it

Wishing: that I had time to go on a photography course or knew how to use my husband’s SLR

Enjoying: the view from my bedroom window

Waiting: for our rocket seeds to push through the earth

Liking: my new form of exercise, a combination of ballet and Pilates that is tightening up all my bits and leaving me feeling inspired

Loving: my husband. Yesterday he emailed me a photo of a red rose opening up in our front garden, because I was at work and he knew how excited I’d be to see it (see pic).

Hoping: that Ben’s chesty cough goes away very very soon

Marvelling: at how much Barbie has changed in the past 30 years. They now have fairy Barbies, surfing Barbies and librarian Barbies, not to mention that Barbie’s love interest in a recent movie I watched with Rachel was called: Carlos (no Ken in sight).

Needing: to find a deserving charity for boxes of old baby clothes I have. Think The Grace Factory will do nicely.

Smelling: the sweet peas in our garden, which have all come up purple even though I swore I planted lots of colours. Nature is weird that way.

Wearing: ear-rings from Angela Jane, one of my oldest friends who currently lives in London (sob!). Her earrings are affordable and beautiful and I get compliments every time I wear them (plus she does deliver to SA).

Following: some lovely new blogs I have found here and here

Noticing: that the little boys who live next door are playing a REALLY noisy game of cops and robbers

Knowing: that I really need to have my hair recoloured because it’s looking kind of bleh

Thinking: that I’m SO excited for our skiiing trip with friends in January but also that I’m such a bad skiier. I’m probably more looking forward to the gluhwein, cheese fondues and excellent company, but that’s okay too

Bookmarking: Bezoo an awesome company who “give abandoned things love”:  turning old furniture into something completely new. I haven’t used them yet but I can’t wait to give them an old chest of drawers I inherited and see what they do with it

Opening: a new tube of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream because it is the only thing that helps with the incredibly dry skin we get here in Joburg

Giggling: at Louis Litt in Suits. He really is my favourite character

Feeling: like my life is finally getting back on track after having baby Ben earlier this year

*Original “Taking Stock” post from The Daybook 


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I also use my diary all the time and it gets full of “have to do’s” – and it works!
    So glad to hear you are going to see Megs – please give her lots of love. And, your skiing trip sounds like just what you need to start the next year off well. Enjoy.

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