The Golden Baby Age: 4-7 months

IMG-20130908-00056Ben is currently going through what I like to refer to very scientifically as the “golden baby age”. Let me explain why:

  • They’re still a snuggly baby. They have those chubby legs, that addictive baby smell , those tiny perfect toes and that way of holding on to you so tight and nuzzling into your neck.
  • They’re sleeping (a bit) better. Newborns aren’t the biggest fans of sleeping, so it’s such a relief now to have escaped  the mind-numbing fatigue that comes along with only getting two hours rest a night.
  • They’re not moving anywhere…yet. Babies of this age still stay where you left them, which is just much more peaceful. Once they start crawling you lose any ability to finish a meal or drink a cup of tea, so I’m enjoying this while it lasts.
  • They smile. Say what you want but newborns can be pretty boring. They’re all “ME ME ME” and “TAKE TAKE TAKE” but once those little humans start smiling back at you, well, then they’ve got me curled around their baby finger. There’s such an innocence in that smile and getting one beamed right at you is one of life’s purest joys.
  • They’re discovering stuff. They’re like “hey, look at my hands!” and will wiggle their fingers repeatedly in front of their faces with such amazement. Or they’ll clutch on to a bright yellow spoon and bash it with such vigour against the side of their chair, as though it’s the best toy in the world.
  • They get a personality, along with dislikes and likes. They hate carrots. They LOVE their purple rattle. They stare in adoration at their older sister. And it’s such fun watching it all unfold. A privilege really.

This baby age is addictive and because it’s my last time, I’m soaking up every minute. My mom-in-law says that as a woman, you never stop having that desire to hold a baby in your arms, to breathe them in, no matter how old you are. I suppose we’re genetically designed that way, they make that baby stuff addictive so we keep reproducing.

But this baby shop is closed. We’re done. Our family is complete and I know how lucky we are. Getting to experience the “golden age”, the toddling, the tantrums and even the terrible teens are all blessings and I count my lucky stars every single day.



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