Skorts. Remember Them?

ab9c55df54b1e5b2be21562b88ef549eWhen it comes to clothing I am the opposite of a hoarder. I save every love letter, photo and concert ticket but clothes I don’t really get attached to. I’m always giving them away (to my detriment) and will often spend half an hour furiously looking for a top, only to have my husband remind me that I gave it to my sister last year.

I guess this is also because I mostly bought cheap items when I was younger and they never lasted more than a year or two. Now I want to buy quality stuff that suits me and hold on to it.

You may remember my recent post about the wonderful Pippa J who came in and helped me spring clean my wardrobe after the birth of Ben in April. Well it turns out that she was so helpful and I got so many compliments that I called her in all over again to look at my summer stuff.

She recommended I buy some skorts because apparently these are in for summer (who knew?!). And did you know that the boxy cropped t-shirt has also made a return? Before you write these off, apparently you can buy them long enough to not show any skin (i.e just skim the top of your pants or skirt), which is much better for our thirty-something, post-baby tummies.

Do you remember when we were growing up and our Mums all got hooked on that “Colour me Beautiful” stuff? We may think it’s naff now but there was definitely some truth to the fact that some colours suit you and others make you look like you’re fighting off the flu. Pippa has helped me with all of this and more:

  • Grey, navy and beige do nothing for me. They may be useful neutral colours but there are lots of others I can buy that don’t make me look like I’m about to vomit. My mother always told me grey didn’t suit me and it turns out she was right.
  • When in doubt, try and remember how you “felt” when you wore something. Did you feel “bleh” even though the shape or fit of the outfit suited you really well? Well then, it’s probably the colour you need to change.
  • Shake what your mama gave you. We’re not supermodels but all of us have attributes that are worth showing off. It may be great toned arms or shapely calves or an awesome bust, but whatever it is there’s no point hiding it away because we’re certainly not getting any younger.
  • Tuck stuff in. I spent my teenage years moping around in baggy t-shirts so I’m still learning that often all an outfit needs is for you to tuck your shirt in for it to be magically transformed. This also helps give you a waist if you don’t really have one.
  • Spend a bit more on some items, spend less on others. Buy an awesome pair of jeans. Buy some cheap summer vests. Get some high quality leather boots. Get a cheap scarf in that season’s colour.

We’re all unique and thank goodness for that. Like everything in life, the trick to feeling confident is knowing what works for you and what doesn’t – and sometimes it’s best to call in the experts to get their opinion. Now please excuse me, I’m off to buy a skort or two.

For help with wardrobe planning, personal shopping and styling, visit Pippa’s website to find out more.

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One thought on “Skorts. Remember Them?

  1. So glad you enjoyed B! You definitely have to get some skorts to show off your amaze legs – just one of your assets 🙂
    Let me know if you don’t come right finding any x

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