Guys: This is What you Need to Know about our Hair

Feb09 001 copyHair – I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. And the completely different relationships men and women have with the hair on their heads. For a man it’s simple: his hair grows and when he feels the need, he cuts it. With us it’s a little more complicated.

Two years ago, after 30 or so years as a blonde (see dorky pic), I made the decision to go dark. I just didn’t feel “blonde” any more and the cost and effort of constantly highlighting my hair was driving me nuts. I’d also been going through some pretty intense stuff (like grief and giving birth) and as women know, when something big happens in your life, you feel a need to change your hair.

All my girlfriends loved the change but men were a little less convinced. But I didn’t really care. How liberating to finally get to an age or stage where you do what YOU want and not to please others.  Anyway, I digress. Men: this is what you need to know about our hair:

  • When you go to the hairdresser you don’t even really need to talk to your stylist. They know that you’re probably in the salon to get your hair trimmed a bit. So that’s what they do.
  • When we go the hairdresser we have at least a 20 minute conversation with our stylist regarding colour, texture, cut, products etc. Which is why it costs 4 or 5 times what yours does. Apparently.
  • See that lady with shiny straight locks blowing back in the wind? She gets up 1 whole hour early EVERY morning to straighten her hair. Her boyfriend doesn’t even know that her hair is naturally wavy. He thinks it grows like that.
  • A fan of blondes? They don’t really exist. Nearly 90% of the lovely blonde ladies you admire DYE the sh*t out of their hair every month. They throw ammonia at the problem. And it costs an arm and a leg. I can count the natural platinum blondes I know on one hand.
  • Our relationship with our hair is complicated. If my hair looks great, I feel great. If it’s falling flat, so am I. This is not something we can do anything about.
  • Hairdye is our friend. There are not many women who are lucky enough to have hair that is a naturally lovely colour. In fact, many people, like me, have hair that is a delightful mouse brown shade. Which means that most women you know dye their hair constantly and have no idea what their natural hair colour really is.
  • A bad experience at the hairdresser can leave us severely grumpy. For days. A bad hairdresser can be a women’s undoing.
  • Which leads us to the next point: a good hairdresser is a rare and precious thing.

And finally: when we return from a 3 hour long session at the salon, please admire us. Please oooh and aaah. Because tomorrow when we wake up and wash and dry our hair by ourselves, our hair will NEVER look this good.

As I said, it’s complicated.


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