Solving the Macaroni Problem…Tot Nosh

Tot Nosh LogoApparently some kids gorge themselves on broccoli and gobble up peas. Apparently they also snack on salmon and munch on mince. I don’t know where these children are but they are not within a 20 km radius from the Mountain house.

We manage breakfast fine because all Rachel eats is Futurelife cereal. And for lunch we have sandwiches, cheese, fruit, yoghurt and whatever else we can find. But dinner, dinner is the problem.

I remember feeling all superior when my 9 month old baby noshed on pureed vegetables and adored my home made lentil surprise. But when she got to about 2 years old she formed a mind of her own and the list of “proper” meals she would eat slowly shrunk until all we were left with was macaroni.

I tried rushing home from work and making homemade shepherds pie. And kid-friendly chicken casserole with veggies. I’d read up  on a new recipe, buy the ingredients specially and then be incredibly infuriated as she spat out her first mouthful and refused to even try any more.

So after a few months of feeling dejected I just stopped trying to get her to eat a “proper” dinner. I bought Woolies kids’ macaroni and spaghetti bolognaise and frozen fish fingers and tried to alternate these weekly so she didn’t get bored. But everytime I dished up her supper I HAD THE GUILT. You know the guilt you get when you don’t think you’re performing your mothering duties properly? That guilt that gnaws at you all day long? The guilt that’s a complete waste of time but that you still have? Yes, that one.

So it was with much excitement that a friend emailed me about a new company HER friend was starting called Tot Nosh. Louise Jacobs studied a BSc Consumer Science in Food and then trained as a Cordon Bleu chef.  After this she worked in the food development industry before having her baby son in 2011. She loved cooking meals for him but realised that not all of her friends did! Tot Nosh was born out of the need she saw to help parents offer delicious, nutritious meals to their toddlers.

I ordered a batch from Louise a few weeks ago and they’ve kind of changed my life. They’re packed with tons of good stuff and devoid of added salt, sugar and preservatives. The Chicken and Veg Pies were a huge hit with Rachel, as were the Chicken and Apple Pops. She even ate up the Vegetable Patties – miracle! You cook them from frozen and they take 20 minutes, during which time you can chop up some cucumber or baby tomatoes or bake some oven chips to go along with it.

Price-wise they work out much cheaper than the Woolies options I was using previously, which is an added bonus. I’m just grateful my toddler is eating a wider variety of foods and that it’s simplified my life. If you’d like to get in touch with Louise for more info on meals, pricing and delivery, please email Hopefully, like me, they’ll make your life a little easier and a lot more guilt-free.

PLEASE NOTE that currently Louise only operates in Johannesburg.

P.S Note that this post is in no way sponsored (and I only met Louise when she delivered my food recently – she seems lovely though!)




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