10 Things I Learnt Last Thursday

ten2Last Thursday I went to TEDx (which is something I encourage everyone to do by the way) and my brain felt like it was pummeled and stretched and wrung out and generally stirred up a lot.

I learnt so much. In fact I kept my husband *enthralled* (maybe not) on our roadtrip this weekend with little snippets of knowledge I gleaned from some incredible speakers – and so I thought I’d share them with you too.

10 Things I Learnt Last Thursday:

  1. I really really love poetry. I had forgotten how much. Poet Mandi Poefficient Vundla kept the audience entranced and it inspired me to dig out my old anthologies and seek out some new ones too. I think we all need a bit more poetry in our lives.
  2. That, according to Greenpeace, Joburg will become a malaria area in 10-20 years time due to global warming (this is VERY bad news all round, especially because I HATE mosquitoes).
  3. Nelson Mandela once said: “When the talking stops, the war starts”. I’d never heard that before and I like its simplicity and its truth.
  4. A teenager from Limpopo called Ludwick Marishane invented a product that cleans your body without the use of water. He has since won global recognition for his patent – he did all of this by researching on his old Nokia phone and with the use of R50 a week pocket money. This dude is amazing – watch him tell his story.
  5. “The creative adult is the child who survived” – I love this. I hope I still have a lot of child in me when I reach the end of my days.
  6. Private rhino breeder John Hume feels that the only way to stop the massive poaching of this precious species is to start legalising the trade of rhino horn. His argument is that we cannot change demand – they have used it in the East for centuries and this will never diminish. What we can change is supply. He spoke about ethical ways to farm the horn where animals would not suffer – it was fascinating.
  7. 10 March is The International Day of Awesomeness . It is also Chuck Norris’ birthday. And we should all celebrate it!
  8. Only 14% of our population are active readers but 36 million watch TV*. I found this sad.
  9. Artist Anthea Pokroy collects ginger-haired people. I’m not kidding. And there’s something so absorbing about it all. See the ginger people all here.
  10. DJ Black Coffee says “that as a country we have low self esteem”. And he’s right. Everywhere I looked at TEDx there were talented people, inspiring people, but we still continue to think we can’t compete with Europe or America when it comes to innovation or science or even art.

He said as well that “African solutions will come from Africans”. We need to stop looking elsewhere for inspiration, because it’s so obvious from what that I heard last week that all we need is right here within us.

*The above facts have not been verified and were jotted down as I listened to speakers. Apologies for any inaccurate information.

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