Kiehl’s MRC – A Little Bit Miraculous


It’s been just over 28 days since I started the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate initiative and what a change there has been (stripy top is “Before” photo).

You should know at the onset that I’m very skeptical of cosmetics and their constant claims that their product will reduce fine lines or make you appear instantly younger.

Kiehl’s promise is that the oil in this nifty vial of theirs will “replenish depleted skin” and “give you a healthier looking skin by morning” – and I can honestly say that this has been the case with me.

My skin feels fresher, less dry and is “bouncier” to the touch. It also has a glow about it that I’ve never had before (well, not since I was a rosy cheeked 10 year old). I’ve also been getting compliments, lots of them. A number of people have commented that I don’t look like a sleep deprived new mother should and I know that this little blue bottle is the cause of this.

Besides the broken sleep associated with a new baby I also went away to Zimbabwe where I had more than a few late nights as a bridesmaid. There was, of course, a fair amount of alcohol involved, which is also not kind on your skin. After that I hurt my ankle and caught a tummy bug which left me stressed and dehydrated, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at my skin. Sure, it hasn’t got rid of the pigmentation on my forehead, but it didn’t say it would. However the dark rings under my eyes are not as pronounced and my “smile” lines aren’t as noticeable.

Some of the other lovely ladies testing the product didn’t feel it had quite as positive an effect on them, so perhaps it depends on your skin type? I have quite an oily skin and maybe this had something to do with the product’s success. You can see more “before” and “after” bare-faced pics and read about other women’s experiences on Tanya Kovarsky’s blog Rattle & Mum.

All I can say is that my  photographs don’t quite show the changes – which I’m very chuffed with. I’m definitely going to be using this product in the future, maybe before a big occasion like a wedding or just when I feel like my skin deserves a little treat or “pick me up”.

Thanks a million Kiehl’s – because of you I don’t look as tired and stressed as I feel;)



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