Baring All (in the name of Beauty)

DSCF5231This is my face. Without a stitch of make up on. When did you last leave the house make-up-less, let alone be photographed in all your glory?! Please give me a pat on the back for being brave. Thanks. But it’s not all altruistic, because I’m doing it in the name of improvement and testing out a product that promises to “truly change your skin within 28 days”.

When Tanya (fab blogger at Rattle & Mum) wrote about the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate initiative, I jumped at the chance and hoped she’d pick me. Tanya and five other women (me included, yay!) are going to be using this product for 28 days and will write about our experiences, good or bad.

My skin is looking decidedly worse for wear. I’ve got dark rings (caused by sleepless nights spent with a tiny baby), pigmentation (from my younger years when I played a lot of sport and wasn’t too good about suncream) and lots of little lines of course (caused by life, not too much I can do about those!). My skin also gets extraordinarily dry in the Highveld winters and is also quite sensitive and prone to blotchiness.

I’m not a woman who spends a lot on skincare and fancy creams. I’ve used Environ products since I was a teenager and follow the usual routine (cleanse, tone, moisterise), both in the morning and evening. I pat on a bit of eye cream at night, always wear sunscreen during the day and have a facial about every two months. I don’t wear a great deal of make up – a tinted moisteriser, some eyeliner, concealer for under my eyes and a bit of blusher. And that’s about it. But I’m getting to the age when I need to give my skin something a little bit extra and I’m hoping this “replenishing elixir of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals” is what I’ve been looking for.

finds-kiehls-recovery_3001I used the product for the first time last night. Kiehl’s have been very clever with the packaging: a lovely midnight blue glass bottle and a medicine dropper that makes you feel like some sort of sexy scientist. They say you only need to dispense 2 or 3 drops into your hands, pat them together and then pat the concentrate on to your forehead, cheeks and chin. Maybe I have giant hands, but 2 or 3 drops didn’t feel like it went very far at all – I felt it got absorbed into my hands more than my face, so I put a few more drops on.

The texture is very light and non-greasy and the smell is heaven. Does it work? I’ll have to wait and see. If you’re nosy like me and want to check out photos of other women without make-up on (!), you can find out more about the others testing the product on Tanya’s blog here. There are also one or two other bloggers that are running similar initiatives, so you’ll be sure to read more about Kiehl’s in the social media space this month.

Watch my blog for updates and my “after” photo in 28 days’ time…


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