Today You Are You

DSCF5035DSCF5037Today is my last day in the office. I’m officially 36 weeks pregnant and heading off on maternity leave.

And my brain and body are both ready. This isn’t a platform to grumble but my back is aching and I’m bone tired. And I can feel myself starting to switch from “work” mode to “mothering” mode…I’m no longer concerned with clients’ demands or briefs, all I want to do is fold tiny clothes and put my feet up as often as I can. Oh and eat of course (but that goes without saying).

The baby boy’s nursery is basically complete so if he arrives earlier than planned, he’ll have somewhere to sleep.

I don’t take amazing pictures but hopefully the photo gives you some idea. These are a few of my favourite things in the room:

  1. His wardrobe. Two wonderful friends have just had baby boys a few months ahead of me and have donated all their gorgeous boy clothes – I’m very spoilt. Throw in a few beautiful gifts I’ve been given and baby boy is going to be very well dressed.
  2. His cot. We bought it second hand and his father and grandfather painstakingly sanded and painted it, so it looks as good as new. It was such a labour of love.
  3. His car and train blanket. Soft and furry and made by his grandmother, it matches the room perfectly.
  4. Dr Seuss decal. Such a genius of a man and I love his writing (“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you”). Decal bought from Wall Candy.
  5. Red rocket clock. After having a daughter first I really wanted something “boysey” and this rocket clock was it. Bought from Citymob.
  6. Hanging cloud mobile. It doesn’t really go with the rest of the room but it’s whimsical and colourful and I had to have it. Also from Citymob.
  7. Noddy car. I guess you can call it vintage because it was lying around my old office (at Penguin Books) and going to be chucked away, so I rescued it! See pic.
  8. His mini library. I visited the Exclusive Books warehouse sale last week and what a goldmine! I stocked up on kids’ party gifts for the rest of the year and also found some gorgeous baby books to start off the baby’s library. All at R50 a kg!

Now all the room needs to complete it is a tiny boy. Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Today You Are You

  1. Good Luck B! The room looks gorgeous. Thinking of you in these last few weeks before your beautiful boy makes his appearance!

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