file00019675173Today I took a cardigan out of my cupboard – it’s a testament to our glorious climate that this is the first time I have worn a jersey all year. Here in South Africa, we get just the right amount of summer so that when the days turn chillier and the mornings are darker, you actually enjoy the change. In my final stages of pregnancy I’m enjoying these cooler days even more – they give me more energy and they also signal that I will soon meet my baby son.

Things I’m looking forward to in Autumn and Winter include:

  • Tights, scarves, coats and hats. Winter wardrobes are so easy to accessorise and I also can’t wait to finally be out of my maternity clothes (although who knows how long and if I’ll be able to wear half my pre-baby wardrobe!)
  • Crisp and sunny Highveld days. The Winter climate in Joburg is unrivalled. Blue skies and bright sunshine during the day, no rain and a sharpness and particular smell in the air.
  • Glorious colours: It’s a well known fact that Joburg is the biggest man-made forest in the world which means…lots of trees. I love to drive down the tree-lined suburbs and marvel at the falling leaves and at Autumn’s beautiful colours.
  • Less body maintenance: Come on, you know what I mean…you can hide your unpedicured toes away and grow the hairs on your legs particularly long, because for a few months of the year, they don’t have to be on show.
  • Dinner parties: In summer it’s all about braais by the pool, picnics and long cool drinks. But the colder months have a specific charm of their own when it comes to entertaining. Sticky stews, comforting puddings and glasses of wine by the fireplace make for the best kind of evenings, as you enjoy time with friends or family.

I guess ultimately in this country we are lucky enough to know that Winter WILL end. We will not be stuck in a timewarp of endless grey days with clouds like over washed underwear that loom above our heads. I remember March in England being like that – and feeling quietly desperate for some sunshine. The endless cold and wind can be relentless and affects your mind as well as your body.

So England: enjoy the Spring when it arrives – you’ve earned it. And South Africans: break out those dusty coats, buy some gas for your heaters and prepare yourselves for Autumn, because she is here.

Photo taken from morguefile.com; photographer David Loudon.


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