Family Bumper Stickers: Love or Loathe?

IMG-20130311-WA000Oh I had to laugh when a friend showed me this recently. She’d spotted it on a car filled with four bachelors when she’d been at a friend’s braai and the fleeing stick men family just made me giggle. For the uninitiated, these car stickers have become very popular in Joburg where some people use them as alternatives to the “Baby on Board” stickers in the back windscreens of their cars.

The traditional stickers often feature a “Dad” with a briefcase, a “Mom” with a tennis racquet or handbag and the age and genders of the various kids, as well as a selection of dogs and cats. I’ve seen some “alternative ones” though with a question mark where the male figure is, accompanied by the words “Position Open”.

When I was expecting my first child I got given a “Baby on Board” sticker and immediately put it on the back of my car. I didn’t really even think about it, I just did it because I thought that was the done thing when you had a baby and owned a car. Since then I’ve wondered about the true purpose of these stickers. Is it:

  1. To ensure people drive more carefully around you because you have precious cargo on board? (and then there’s a larger debate that all lives are precious, no matter how old or young)
  2. To apologise in advance for any bad driving as you mop up vomit off the back of your neck or try and locate a water bottle or Barney CD before your eardrums explode from a tantrum
  3. To proclaim to the world simply that you’re a parent or mother

I’m not sure, which is why I should probably remove it, because I don’t know what I’m trying to TELL people with that sticker. When I first saw the family stick men I thought they were a cute alternative. Some people think they’re smug. Zapiro even did a mock one for Zuma on Father’s Day – take a look.

What do you think – love them or loathe them?


3 thoughts on “Family Bumper Stickers: Love or Loathe?

  1. I used to like them, but then it got me thinking. If my car is parked outside my house a burglar would know exactly who my family consisted of, kind of scary.

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