Nesting 101

downloadSpurred on by my recent baby shower, the nesting instinct has just begun to set in – with a vengeance. For those who haven’t gone through this bizarre experience, I’m going to attempt to explain it in a few simple sentences:

  • You will go missing for long stretches of time and can usually be found staring into a cupboard at a line of tiny clothes hangers holding equally tiny new clothes. When asked why you are staring at a cupboard you don’t really have a sufficient answer, you are just doing it, and enjoying it.
  • You will (quite literally) start feathering the nest/baby’s room by buying all manner of overpriced impractical decor items. Never mind that the baby won’t appreciate (or even be able to see) these items for the first six months, they are there more for your eyes.
  • You will start throwing things away. A lot of things. Other people may find these things useful (pens, batteries) but to you they are taking up valuable space and are ugly to look at. So they go in the bin.
  • Although you may have no energy to exercise, buy groceries or do anything else, you somehow have a lot of energy to move cupboards around, tidy bookshelves and hang up pictures. Isn’t nature strange?!
  • The rest of the house may be a tip but your baby’s room is a shrine to perfection. Although no one else is allowed to go in there, besides you. Which is why you lock the door every night after the latest episode of nesting has occurred.

Sound weird? Well, it is. It’s the hormones of course, which effect you both physically and emotionally and apparently we’re not the only animals who do it. Birds, bears, cats…they all feel this urge to prepare the home for the upcoming arrival of a newborn.

So I’m just taking it in my stride and enjoying it. So far I’ve bought this red asteroid rocket clock, this gorgeous Dr Seuss decal and this whimsical multi-coloured cloud mobile. Let’s hope the little man (eventually) appreciates them.

Cheers for now, I’m going to refold tiny baby clothes – again.

Image taken from citymob


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