Second Baby Showers: unnecessary or fun?

IMG-20130223-WA004When you have your first child, (if you’re lucky enough) you get very spoilt by work colleagues, family and friends and you enjoy every minute of it. I think baby showers have a dual purpose at this specific stage in your life: they’re held to celebrate a very exciting milestone but they’re also very useful in terms of accumulating some essential baby items that would be very expensive to buy all on your own.

By the time baby number two rolls around, you’ve got the basics. You’ve got a cot, a pram, a car seat, some (rather scruffy) toys and some clothes that you’ll try pretend aren’t feminine at all and can definitely be reused on your precious son. So I wasn’t expecting any kind of baby shower and to be honest, I didn’t feel it was completely necessary – if my close friends and family wanted to buy us the odd gift then they were welcome to, but they shouldn’t do it because they felt forced to.

So it was with great surprise that a “shopping” expedition with a close friend on Saturday turned into a surprise baby shower lunch for me! It was so unexpected that on seeing all the familiar faces gathered round a table I tried to duck round the corner as I thought I’d walked in on a party I wasn’t invited to and didn’t want to embarrass everyone (teehee). We had lunch at Il Giardino which is set under some beautiful olive trees, next to a bubbling fountain and serves consistently delicious food.

It was my perfect kind of baby shower, with the focus on enjoying a meal together and spending time with friends (and just a little cooing and aahing over tiny baby boy outfits). It also got me really excited about the upcoming arrival of my son, something that I’ve neglected lately due to everything else that’s been going on in my life. A new baby is a precious thing and I think I just needed to be reminded of that.

2013 hasn’t started out very well for our country, so it was great for a couple of hours to forget about the bleakness, admire tiny shoes and little boardshorts, and feel thankful that there are still some wonderful people in this world, and I’m lucky enough to count a lot of them as my friends.


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