Turning Off the News and Feeding the Birds

These past few weeks in South Africa have been terrible ones, and the news has been filled with murder, abuse and savagery. It makes me feel sick. And very sad. But the other part I’m beginning to hate is the relentless hunger us humans have to delve into the dirty details and then how quick we are to comment, to judge but most of all, to blame. So although times like these call for debate and discussion, there are many people who are far better at it than I am.

This endless supply of rage and hate is also affecting me negatively, as well as my unborn baby. So this weekend I’m going to turn off the TV, turn down the news, refrain from checking Twitter and just spend time with the people I love. It may be time for other people to talk about things, debate and posture, but I can feel my instinct kicking in and it’s asking me to curl into a little ball, retreat into my shell and keep a little quiet.

It doesn’t mean I care any less for those who have suffered, for Anene and Reeva. I just want to try and refrain from feeding the beast that is the news, just for a few days.

This is what I have planned for this weekend:

  1. I’m going to sit in my garden, and feed the birds.
  2. I’ll head to the DVD store and rent two funny, uplifting movies.
  3. I’ll make something delicious, whether it’s a smoothie or a cake.
  4. I’ll go for a swim or a walk somewhere beautiful.
  5. I’ll learn how to prune roses.
  6. I’ll squeeze my husband and daughter tight, breathe in the beautiful smell of them, their aliveness, and tell them I love them.
  7. I’ll rest. Lie somewhere quiet, empty my mind and try to be peaceful.

This world is broken at the moment and we all need to find a little bit of beauty in it, if we want to hold on to any happiness we had.


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