FacebookBabyFacebook used to be cool. It used to feature photos of crazy nights out, who was hooking up with who and which exotic places our friends had visited. Now it features baby pictures. Lots of baby pictures.

Babies in the womb, babies being born (literally: I know someone who’s husband posted pics of their C-section operation online), babies crawling, babies walking, babies wearing sunglasses, babies sleeping on Daddy’s chest, babies swimming, babies, babies and more babies. In fact, the joke is that it’s no longer called Facebook, it’s now called Babybook.

Now I’m not innocent in all of this. I also post pictures of my child, mostly because I find it’s a good way to communicate with family members or friends across the world, keeping them up to date with my life and Rachel’s life. I try not to post every day though, or even every week. It’s a very fine balance and I struggle to get it right. One trick is to only post the occasional really good photograph, not the blurry identical ones of Junior’s first tooth, or his first pair of shoes, or his first poo (yes people do this).

And then there are friends without children who clearly find this barrage of baby photographs extremely annoying. Several of them rant about it, but there’s really no point. You can’t change your friends’ behaviour. So the only way to rid yourself forever of baby pictures is to unfriend yourself from every parent you know, which, depending on your circumstances, may not leave you with many friends.

The truth is that although our kids are not our entire lives, they do tend to make up a large part of it. And so it follows that they feature heavily on Facebook, a platform that is all about sharing and all about being social. Perhaps a good way to use Facebook is to think about all of your friends – if they were sitting in the room with you, would you show them all that photograph physically or ask them that specific question or tell them that piece of baby-related news? If not, then don’t do it on Facebook. Rather send an email, a text message or phone that specific someone to ask their advice. That way you’ll be less annoying and get a more positive response when you do actually upload something baby-related.

And if your profile is still inundated with baby pictures? Simply download an app which instantly replaces pictures of baby faces with pictures of bacon. Yes, you heard right, bacon. You can also choose to to replace them with pictures of cats or elephants, but for some reason, bacon seems to fit. Happy parenting people and happy Facebooking.

Image via Pocket-lint


2 thoughts on “Facebook/Babybook

  1. Stumbled across your blog while browsing on WordPress. So true! I’m in that stage of life now where I would say most of my FB friends have/ are expecting babies. It’s just insane. Baby photos galore! I do similar to you and only try to put the super cute/unusual/somewhat more interesting ones up, although I must admit that did take me a couple of months to learn, so I may have annoyed a few people in the meantime!

  2. Yip I also posted far too many in the first months of my baby’s life! Think I’ve learnt now and hopefully I’ll keep it under control with the second baby (that’s arriving in a few months). Thanks for visiting!

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