D.I.Why? Because I Have To.

41+AcwnNHNL._SL500_AA300_Spirit levels. Polyfilla. Ceiling boards. Curtain rods. Up until a few weeks ago these were things that existed very happily out of my subconscious, floating around in a little world I labelled DIY (a world I never entered). Sure, I had curtains, but they never belonged to me and I never thought about how people actually put them up in the first place. I just opened them in the morning and closed them at night and if they broke, I called my landlord.

But that’s all changed. This weekend we move into our new house and excited as I am about owning our own home, I’m also extremely daunted by all the DIY bits. I am completely clueless, utterly illogical and not very “good with my hands” (as they say). I can’t be trusted with a paint brush and never ever leave me alone with a picture hook and a hammer, because I WILL break stuff.

So you wouldn’t say that Timber City and Builder’s Warehouse are my natural habitat. Sure, I love going in there and ogling all the muscular builders, glancing at the shiny nails and screws and running my fingers across the tops of paintbrushes. But I have no idea what any of it is for.

This morning Alex (our lovely painter and general DIY man) told me he needed more of this long silver metal thing. So I trudged off to some shop in my neighbourhood that I’d never before noticed and stood (very pregnantly) waiting for someone to help. I don’t think they get many of my type in these sorts of shops, because very soon they were offering me drinks of water and pulling out chairs (such gentlemen). I then tried to describe what I needed:

“I need to buy three metres of this long silver thing that you put in to hold up the roof.”

[raised eyebrows]

“It’s about *this* thick, metal and quite shiny and it goes in the roof.”

You can imagine why our conversation took rather longer than it should have. Once we figured out that it was for the ceiling (and not the roof) and narrowed it down even further, we worked out that I needed something to support a Rhinoboard ceiling.

Hell. I am out of my depth here – but hopefully I’m learning. I always wanted to be one of those girls who was handy with a drill and could fix her own leaking tap, so maybe this is my moment. It’s time to stop being scared of the toolbox, put on my overalls and get my hands dirty.

Wish me luck.

Pink drill and tool set from Amazon.


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