Something festive…

I’m joining in a fun Secret Santa initiative this year organised by The Stiletto Mum.

When last did you receive a gift from a stranger? When last did you get surprised? Charlotte has pulled together more than 100 local bloggers and allocated them all with a name. The idea is that you buy a gift for under R100 and then post it off to the other person.

The point? To get something lovely in the post of course! Something you weren’t expecting, from someone you don’t know. Yes maybe it’s a little indulgent but sometimes, that’s just what we all need.

To help my mystery person buy something I’d like, we’ve been asked to make a list of desirable items or ideas. So with no further ado here they are:

  1. Any type of gardening accessory. Next year I’m moving from a rented flat to a house (with garden) that we own and I’m worried I will kill all the plants.
  2. Some lovely body cream. I’m currently using my daughter’s Epimax so anything prettier would be great! I prefer vanilla and fresh flavours, rather than anything floral or musky.
  3. Am a sucker for any kind of cool stationery, but not notebooks/journals – have loads of beautiful and empty ones waiting to be filled.
  4. I grew up on a Karoo farm so anything with sheep, windmills or aloes is always a winner with me.
  5. Accessories like brooches, scarves and dangly earrings are always great. I love South African things and handmade things.
  6. I don’t wear purple, navy or grey.
  7. I used to work for a publishing company so don’t need any books at the moment.
  8. I also have enough picture frames and candles!
  9. I’m currently four months’s pregnant with my second daughter (just in case that provides any inspiration)
  10. For any other ideas see my Pinterest page.

And that’s it – I know I’ll be chuffed with whatever comes my way.

Thanks again to Charlotte, you’re a bit of a saint!

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