Big Girl Pants

Yesterday I had to choose Rachel’s first ever “big girl pants”. I was almost in tears as I bought them, because I realised that she’s no longer my baby, she’s now a proper little girl. I bought them in bright colours, with cute little apples, rainbows and hearts all over them – they’re gorgeous and I hope she likes them.

This weekend the first day of potty training will roll around and I’m both nervous and excited. This is how I’ve prepared:

  1. On recommendation from my sister-in-law I got a copy of Gina Ford’s “Potty Training in One Week”. I’ve never tried out any of the controversial Gina’s methods before, but I was assured that this was the book to use. So far, everything it says makes perfect sense.
  2. 2 x turquoise potties. Gina says it’s best to get two the same colour and keep one in your living room and one in your bathroom so you can have quick access if you need it. And the reason for them being the same colour? You don’t want your toddler to develop a preference for the red one and then refuse to do their business in the blue one.
  3. 2 x toilet training seats. I bought one of those cheap white ones you actually put under the normal toilet seat but Rachel doesn’t really like it very much. Then I bought ANOTHER one from Baby City which is padded and has frogs all over it and two plastic handles so they can hold on. But it’s badly made and the padded bit keeps coming off the plastic bit and it doesn’t sit properly on top of the toilet seat. So these haven’t been a success yet.
  4. 1 x plastic step. This will be used so she can step up and get on the toilet seat, plus step up to the basin to wash her hands.
  5. 1 x kids hand washing soap.
  6. 2 x fun face cloths. These will be used in place of towels so she can dry her hands on them.
  7. 1 x copy of DK’s great book called “Girls’ Potty Time” (they do a boys one too). The idea is that on Saturday morning we’ll read the book together and I’ll explain it all to her. The book comes with a fold out chart and star stickers so that every time she does something in the potty, she’ll get a sticker on her chart. Once she reaches a certain number of stickers she’ll get a reward/treat.
  8. A spare bucket with disinfectant to drop dirty clothes into.

For the past two weeks we’ve been practicing weeing in the potty every morning when she wakes up and every time I change her nappy. Other signs that she’s ready include (according to Gina) that she can follow simple instructions, that she knows when she’s making a wee or poo, that she can take down her pants herself and that her nappy is dry after her midday sleep (indicating that she does have some bladder control).

I have no idea how long it’s going to take or whether we’ll be successful but I feel like she’s ready and ultimately, I suppose you just have to trust your mothering instincts. Wish us luck and watch this space!


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